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  1. I got blood tests done but vitamin D wasn't on it. Sorry for the miscommunication Sunlight in warm weather continues to help my situation. 30-45 mins. Building toward 1 hour a day, eventual exercise out there as joints reach a certain level of improvement. Hopefully this can do as much for others as it has for me.
  2. Hey everyone. In the last 2.5 weeks I've spent a total of 8.5 hours in direct sunlight (avg 70 degree days). I was keeping a log, but I don't see a need anymore. For the rest of this summer I will attempt to be out there as much as possible because of how much this has helped. Vitamin D supplementation and sunlight are just not the same. I suggest if you have the time, get out there and give it a shot. Also I had a vitamin D test 2 days ago, so after total 8 hours in sun. I'll post result whe
  3. Haha, I don't know man, the sunlight is like Shout, it might be able to get rid off the stain after enough time. It's what I'm hoping for. I'm only on day 10 [of sunlight] but so far more days of improvement than I expected. When I put on 20lbs and can play sports again, I'll start speaking like cure, but I know enough at this point to not Shout until that day.
  4. Hey, how much time did you actually spend in the sun? Because I spent 1-2 hours 5 days in a row and I noticed some really positive effects. For those of us who took accutane for months, it would take consistency beyond a couple days to upregulate vitamin D metabolism. I'm dying to get back out there but the last two days have been clouded/raining.
  5. That's funny cause I used to work in an ER and I know how to take my own blood. I guess they don't trust sending phlebotomy equipment to people hahaha. Yea man I'm out of work right now an to get to the doctor, well fuck, truth is I don't want to deal with doctors. If I got cancer tomoorrow, I wouldn't get it treated if they tried to give me chemo drugs - I'd have to fight them on that part of it. I don't even have a GP right now.
  6. I got tested about four years ago but I don't recall the number. It for sure wasn't high. I was taking ZMA around the time I was supplementing with D. I've never gotten lab tests before without going through a doctor. Does anyone know how to go about this?
  7. Just because there's a lot less oil doesn't mean there's no oil. I agree with what youre saying but an endless loop might end with the right amount of consistent sunlight. I've tried supplementing with vitamin D3 up to 25k per day. In the long run it didn't do jack. I'm giving it a shot in the sun each day. I'm keeping a log. So far there are some positive signs but it's only been three days.
  8. http://www.vega-licious.com/is-cleanliness-next-to-health-what-you-need-to-know-about-vitamin-d/ sourced article that gives further argument for getting vitamin D from direct sunlight, not from supplementation. photosensitive people, start slow with sunbathing, build up more over time. Since we have less sebum/oils in our skin after accutane it may require some patience to reach adequate levels of vit D. I started yesterday, will update in some time. Also don't use soap on p
  9. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/308708-when-can-i-use-tanning-bed-after-accutane-course/ Go to the post by "luc_nic" This person states that they think a lot of tanning/sunlight brought back their acne and oily skin after their first accutane course. Might be related to increases in vitamin D metabolism.
  10. 2 months ago I started eating a lot of raw green vegetables. I want to share that I've been experiencing ups and downs since I started this, but that overall there have been some very noticeable improvements in my health. It's still early on so I don't want to get into a quantitative assessment of how much each of my individual symptoms have improved, but in energy, digestion, libido, and cognition - there has been marked positive changes. I mainly eat spinach and broccoli, every day (also avoid
  11. Stay away from supplements. I been there, tried it, really no lasting success. Nutrients are more effectively absorbed at the "lower doses" coming from a balanced diet. If you want copper eat kale and spinach. Humans didn't evolve from eating pills. If any one of us had severe hypervitaminosis A skin would be peeling off in sheets like someone who ate polar bear liver. Both 13-cis and all-trans retinoic acids have relatively short half lives, they do not last for very long in the body. Look i
  12. Taned out - folic acid isn't "produced" from intestinal bacteria. nutrient absorption might be slightly affected by gut flora, but I don't see that being anywhere near a main cause of Accutane side effects.