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    i actually bought it because of the good reviews i read from people who suffered from acne. i put it on the big visible spots day and night, the next morning there was no result (of course, because you can't expect a clear skin overnight) but i continued using it the next day and then in the morning i was in my room sitting on the floor just under my window and i was looking at my face in the mirror and noticed that my face looked very oily that it looked greasy. lets just get to the point why i
  2. no for me

    i've had redness and pimples on my skin and used this product a week ago. first time i used it at night and the next morning i noticed that it dried out my acne and the redness reduced a bit, i wasn't sure if i was hallucinating but i was quite happy and gave high hopes on this product so i continued using this day and night, i noticed it dried out my acne and reduced the redness a bit but my skin tighten n i felt so itchy on my face that i couldn't stand to scratch it but i couldn't because i d