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    I like to read and wash things. Like I'll purposely get a basketball dirty and wash it, or maybe like my cat. Wash it. Watch Tv and internet sometimes, sometimes add to my nail collection. I collect nails, it's not for everyone but when I got that 1879 copper nail t-12 size, MAN I realized everyone was wrong that I was a loser.<br />I am also a horrible liar so that was all lies. Oh I am somewhat funny depending on whether you think utter sarcasm and evil comments are humourous. Meh.
  1. So if it's one thing I have learned and I'm new here but I have had this in real life too due to whatever reasons and that's self-reinforcing behaviour. I'm aboriginal and have to put up with racism so in my life I know of natives whether friends or family who believe the whole world is racist no matter what and so they find people who agree with them so that they can be surrounded with this and so they never see there may be non-racist people in the world. The same can be said of my friends wi
  2. Man you guys all have nice skin. I came to this site to try to be helpful and cheer people up but now I'm laughing cause it seems I have worse skin then a LOT of you here, man talk about your classic ~BACKFIRE~ lmao
  3. Sounds like you need a change. I had anxiety after I stopped partying so much because I used to really drink a lot and have huge parties and changing that made me feel awkward because that's all I got or was used to. Meh, have a shot of whiskey and think of something new to do.
  4. Have you thought about getting smashed at a bar with some friends you can scrape up? hahaha, thrusting yourself into a social situation with some people you feel comfortable with and going from there can be quite cathartic. Listen, do NOT prepare questions or think about what you're doing when you socialize. Ask questions and point out interesting humourous things you see, talking is not scripted and it sounds scripted when you save points. Mind you I occasionally try out like stand up humou
  5. I work out lots and kickbox. Losing that much weight is definitely water weight, muscle loss being burned that quick would only come with starvation regardless of a cold and even that would have to be due to something like cancer or glutamine deficiencies or other amino acid deficiencies. Take glutamine 5 grams in morning, work out, and then take 5 grams before bedtime for muscle mass retention; glutamine also increases growth hormone if taken before bedtime and helps to maintain a strong immu
  6. So what is the most effective way to deal with the problem of acne and hell for that matter, "imperfection?" Is it through embracing every fix to get rid of it or by looking at it differently and getting rid of acne kinda like I feel about it, for itchy or annoying reasons while being still confident and saying to hell with people who are that vain. (Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears both have acne problems by the way.) How do you change the world while avoiding this syndrome of people looki
  7. I have a black cat. She's like a ninja and this one time I was having a bad day and she fell asleep on my stairs. I tripped on her and fell down the stairs, this has happened 3 times so far. She is trying to murder me but she keeps me on my toes. Get a black ninja cat, surviving the cat will give you the will to live.
  8. A successful life before acne? I got acne when I was like 11 hahaha. I have ever been myself and love myself regardless and it's because there is a certain logic to it. Society created beauty. I am part of society. I think I know what beauty is, therefore I think I may be beautiful. It's cheesy as hell but it's the simplest way to put things. I was born this way and that realization is what someone has to remember. You may get out of it or you may find it always with you but seeing it fo
  9. Yeah I feel ya guys. I can understand about this society hell I am part of it and I am somewhat vain. I just guess I bring a different perspective. My early life was a lot of survival in a racist world and so I came to value being tough and surviving as good traits. I used to defend "geeks and nerds" and people would try to pick on me usually about being native but girls would particularly pick acne. I would just shoot them down 10 times worse and I hated it because you could see them being
  10. See Mikee that's where I differ. I'm North American Indian and we embrace a different society. The least of our problems is acne whereas where I'm from the cops are racist, there are murders some of the time and drug overdoses are from history longpast. We embrace each other no matter what because we are a culture and we accept differences, before gays were accepted and women could vote in our societies we called gay 2 spirited people and made them holy and women ran the government. This was
  11. Love the posts. I used to party and that made me feel better anytime. Lately I work out a lot, each and everyday see a little difference in the body even if it's just in my head but I can curl 50 pounds on each arm now so that's nice. Oh and percocet. hahaha just kidding.
  12. One of the reasons I stopped posting online is that when it comes to critical discussion immediately someone will come on and go off topic or preach anger and how I am so wrong or something else. Forgive my don't flame comments. Thanks for responding. Very valid points guys.
  13. How do you teach people to accept themselves? This is a golden question and the solution is not a one sentence or paragraph solution. I have only stated that a critical discussion that focuses on the root causes of one's feelings about acne and then linking them to society would help to point out the flaws in this very argument. Is this society correct in having people strive for beauty? This is a very valid question and it being asked is good I think. The problem I think is that it's right