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  1. Two new developments: I haven't had a new active in 10 days! And I've decided to go back down to 20mg, and not continue on 40. I was on the new 40mg for about 4 days and it was all I could endure. My skin got a lot redder, instantly drier (flakes/hard to put on foundation/painfully dry lips/strange new breakout on chest where I never get spots), more severe headaches/nausea/fever spells and emotionally I just started feeling a lot more disoriented and like I wanted to cry at random intervals.
  2. Thank you! Best of luck with your course of treatment!
  3. One month officially down!! Now I'm into my second day on the new dose of 40mg (20mg previously), taking one in the morning and one at night. Stupidly didn't realize my prescription cost would be doubled, that was a bit of a bite out of the wallet, but hey, may mean I won't have to be on it as long. I'm definitely noticing the effects of alcohol on my skin. Not that I've had a whole ton of it, but, my coloring definitely goes down the toilet if I partake in a couple beers for an evening.
  4. Thank you! Will try to post photos in my next post. : )
  5. So I haven't updated in awhile - but that's only because the only thing to report is that I'm continuing to have stellar results!! I was gloomily anticipating the third week initial breakout that's apparently common, but have had no sign of it. I'm starting to wonder if that Day 7 horrible breakout was actually my initial breakout. I do react to medication quite quickly, so that may be the case. Since Day 18, my last post, I've only had two or three new actives, but they were quite small
  6. Thanks Amoxil! Whatthekell - I know what you're going through. Stay strong! I know that sounds empty, but I mean it sincerely. (I can't give up my carbs either) : )
  7. Good luck! Looking forward to your updates. : )
  8. Thank you both! whatthekell - you'll see results, it's pretty much guaranteed!
  9. So I did have two new actives today and my color wasn't as great as yesterday - BUT - I'm not complaining. Still miles better than even 10 days ago (as you can see from the pics). I think this little flareup (tiny, really) - is owed to my recent laziness. I've been going to bed without washing my face (for shame!) and have even indulged in a little bit of alcohol and no-no foods like pizza and movie popcorn - but damn it I deserve a little indulgence! At this point - not that I'm going out o
  10. Thanks so much guys! Yeah - I kind of can't believe how fast it's working - I just hope to god this continues!!
  11. Good luck with your treatment! Just hang in there. : )
  12. Skin continues to look good. A couple minor new actives, but nothing to write home about. This positive progression has gotten to the point where I may only update on this blog when something relatively interesting happens, haha. No new side effects today- continuation of lips starting to get dry, but nothing major. I've posted 4 pictures. The first two were taken on the morning of Day 7 (the day of the film shoot). The last two were taken today, Day 17. All pictures are me without a
  13. No, it's definitely a good idea. Meant to already have posted but darn camera's been on the outs. Best of luck with starting your course!
  14. Funny you should mention that - putting up pics tonight!
  15. Skin continues to look great. While I did have 2 tiny new actives (one of them those annoying ones that's just above the lip and the other by my nose) - they were small to begin with and are almost completely gone now anyway. The new thicker texture to my skin has me looking A LOT less greasy. It seriously looks like I have new skin - especially when looking into mirrors with natural light. I kind of can't believe it. The red and brown scarring has also been fading dramatically... The ne