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  1. Before I started using mineral makeup I used L'Oreal Mattique foundation and L'Oreal True Match concealer. They are both oil free and are readily available at drug stores and general stores like WalMart. I prefer mineral makeup and wear Signature Minerals Foundation and Multitasking Concealer. I find the coverage to be excellent. You can find this at signatureminerals.com. Anna
  2. AnnaRN


    I am looking very forward to trying this. It sounds amazing!
  3. Mica will not clog your pores. I do not know what all the igredients are but I know zea mays (corn starch) will clog your pores. It is not good for acne.
  4. I just realized there was an area for makeup at acne. Great information. I love this! What a great collection of kabukis!
  5. AnnaRN

    Cameron Diaz

    Yes and not just in fashion magazines. Unfortunately I see the same type of thing in medical magazines on a routine basis. I think it is very disappointing.
  6. I used the handcream a few times at work. I thought it was alright but I wouldnt run out and buy it. Anna