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  1. Hmm they are so odd, some of mine can be popped too! Everyday I seem to be getting more of them which is frustrating! Have you had any success trying to get rid of yours?
  2. yeah i think i might have over done it the first few times using it and made my face far too dry! thanks for the advice hopefully it works for me
  3. Did epiduo cause almost like sores on your face after using it because it has on mine, I'm surprised its had this effect because Ihave been using Benzoyl Peroxide and previously haven't had irritation and sores from using it. I would have thought after being on accutane I wouldn't really get an initial breakout from using this cream but I think I am. Did you get an initial breakout on your face from using it?
  4. Hey guys, so I finished my 2nd course of accutane about 2.5 months ago and in the last week I have noticed lots of small spots appearing on my chin and they seem to be spreading to my inner cheeks, of course I am freaking out that my acne is returning which I am really freaking out about. My doctor prescribed me Epiduo but I am hesitant to use it! Im worried that I will break out loads using it!! What have your experiences been on it? Is it worth using? Did anyone else experience post accut
  5. Thanks for your replies, fingers crossed it doesn't get worse!
  6. Is it normal for some people to break out a little after stopping accutane? I have some small uninflamed red spots around my chin and nose some of them turn to tiny whiteheads. They are also kind of itchy? Has anyone else experienced this?