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  1. All I can say is hang in there! It took me 1 and a half month to get past the initial breakout. It could be longer for you if you have severely clogged skin. But it WILL get better.
  2. Another update after 4 days. 99% clear! Just acne marks and scars left. They're healing slowly but surely. The skin looks smooth and beautiful under a light coverage foundation. Here''s my skincare routine: -AM: Wash: Johnson''s Baby Shampoo Moisturiser/sunscreen: Neutragena Dry touch spf 45 (I find this is moisturising enough) Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me (very light and dewy, I have comibantion skin.) -PM: Wash: Baby shampoo again Just my forehead: (Wait 20 minutes) Isotretinion
  3. OK so I know I said I'll update in a month and its only been 10 days, but I just wanted to report back my results. IM 90% CLEAR! Retinoids are amazing! Just 3 small clogged pores left that are coming to a head very quickly. I'm thrilled.
  4. No it's called isotin. Its just a generic 0.05% isotretinion gel available locally. Comes very cheap.
  5. Omggg you look great! Im going through the same thing but it's only on my forehead (weird huh). I'm on a topical retinoid and alll my cc are also coming to a head which is horrible. Like 6-7 pimples at the same time. The good thing is that once they go away the skin below it is smootherr so yayyyy. This is painful though!
  6. Hello guys. I've posted on this forum before (and nobody replied lol) Anyway long story short, I developed these under-the-skin forehead bumps a few months back and I honestly have NEVER gotten ANY acne before this. So naturally I thought it wasn't acne but folliculitis. I took anti fungal meds, shampoo and god knows what and they got soooooo worse. I gave up and finally used topical isotretinoin as a last resort a month ago on 1st of March. Both tretinoin and isotretinoin are retinoids, iso is
  7. First let me start by saying that I've had extremely clear skin all my life. Never gotten any acne of any sort, I'm 20 now. Then after I started to smoke and eating lots of junk food, I started getting the occasional pimple, but ONLY on my forehead. This went on for 3 years until after a course of antibiotics, these tiny flesh colored bumps appeared all over my forehead. They were small at first, barely visible, but as time went by some of them became fully blown cyst pimples! Having puss and a