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  1. Any follow up on this? I'm going through the same thing and came across your post in a search.
  2. Mine didn't check and I specifically asked if they would. They said the program (ipledge) doesn't require them to have any proof of being on the pill etc - but you have to answer the questions in ipledge correctly and be on the same page as your doctor, so the dr and ipledge ask you what you are on for primary birth control and your secondary method (without proof). But seriously, make sure you get that Pap - I know girls who have had early cancer/precancer detected this way.
  3. I got telogen effluvium aka hair loss (diagnosed by my derm) well before I went on accutane - a whole bunch of really stressful things happened in my life (got the flu with a high fever, then a pet died resulting in me not sleeping/eating well for weeks) - about 2-3 months after this I noticed a LOT of hair loss. It is still going on (TE can last up to 6 mos), but just wanted to let you know that there is truth to the possibility that something else can cause hair loss. Basically any shock to yo
  4. Just wanted to say hi, since we share some common things - I'm a 30 yo F, started Claravis (80mg / day) last week, and also a runner (doing my next 1/2 in a few weeks). Thanks for posting about impacts to your running - I've been slacking a bit this month as it is, but definitely starting to feel more fatigue than is normal. Hope things continue to improve for you!
  5. 6 months on 75 mg - my skin is clear. Wish I'd found this earlier (I'm 27).
  6. Gel or cream? I found the gel less greasy. Apply less often would be my guess.
  7. On seasonale. Life without frequent periods is wonderful. Didn't help my acne. Spironolactone did
  8. Totally agree - great spiro exp - 75mg was my magic # - started at 25. 6 months later I am VERY happy. I am also on BC. Was also taking doxy for awhile while on sprio.
  9. I'm on BC and sprio, I have no issues - but I use the BC for BC, so I wouldn't go off of it. You can do both.
  10. I have used it on and off, both in a low and less low dose. My derm says to put it on every other day. I have damn oily skin and this caused some dryness, slight peeling - but no chemical peel-like issues. Just don't overuse - the dryness takes a bit to develop so don't be fooled.
  11. I haven't had any obvious side effects. I've taken it on an empty stomach, etc and no problems (try that with doxy and I would puke every time). I am also on the BC pill and used to take the doxy (going off that for the past month). No feeling weird, etc. I reviewed the side effects originally, but can't remember what they are.
  12. I'd suspect it is totally normal, and that your hormones may be temporarily out of whack anyway. Seriously, you will need to give it more time and it may not help - BCP never helped me with acne. No kids though!
  13. My doc told me that any pill brand can work (despite advertising to the contrary). I however, love seasonale because of the fewer periods bit. I've tried so many brands, none have helped my acne. Been on the pill about 9 years.
  14. rwilson


    Agree with pip123, otherwise I have never seen a relationship between the two.
  15. I also recommend spironolactone. Years and years of acne, and it is the thing that finally made a difference.