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  1. I just wanted to kind of mention to people that its taken my face nearly 3 full years of Dans regimen to get used to the product. If I stop using it, my face will become terrible with white heads, cysts and bloody scabs. Its been clear after the first 8 months, but only gradually has it become so that I use a generic cetiphil gentle cleanser, DK treatment and NO moisturiser.. Yeah.. no moisturizer, its not necessary for me anymore... About 8 months into the regimen my face would peel like c
  2. I have ruined over $100 worth of shirts from the bleach effect. I think its all due to me sweating withen 30 minutes of applying BP and further wiping my face off with my shirt. I have a few shirts that I just make sure I do not put on or sweat in so I don't risk any bleaching. I'd say 20-30 min is good enough to be in the safe zone. Just do not wipe the sweat off your face... thats obviously not good since you'll just wipe the BP onto your shirt. I can get away with slight dabbing though.
  3. 1 cyst, LOTS of small pimples, very rough skin, flakes with the slightest touch, rough and porous, shiney and oily. Got myself a very attractive blond girl friend 1 month ago. We're both seniors. First girlfriend I've had in over 6 years. Why? Too shy to talk to them because of my acne and always trapped inside my house. Always looked down at the ground and away from their eyes because I always though they were looking at my face. All in all I was getting SICK of my lack of confidence an
  4. I was wondering, whenever someone gets a "breakout" does that mean they must have initiated the infection like 2 weeks ago? I heard a zit takes more than 1 night to appear, and takes about 1 or 2 weeks for the infection to show up as a bump. Is this true? I just broke out around my nose, so does that mean that I must have done something a week ago to cause this break out?
  5. Yes, I had 2 or 3 cysts on my face, along with 30+ acne zits varying in size all over my face. Some may consider this "severe" but the regimen cleared me 98%. I say 98 because I always have 1 or 2 zits that seem to pop up from an accidental face-touch and general laziness.
  6. Dans moisteriser is also somewhat oily for me too. However, it doesnt streak and allows me to vary how much I want on without feeling like I over did it. I use it when I don't want flakes.
  7. I have like 2 or 3 zits on my face (and a lot of red marks) but thanks to the regimen, it doesn't get any worse than that. Anyways, about 2 or 3 years ago when I wasn't on the regimen, my nose was perfectly clear. If anything, it was 2x more oily than it is now but still smooth. Now, my nose is really really rough. If I look 1 inch away from the mirror, I could probably count 10+ very little zits and white heads. The area around my nose and under my eyes (but above my cheeks) is also ver
  8. I'm on Dan's regimen, and its been working fantastically for the past year and a half. However, I one monster lurking over my shoulder. Its the thought that I will have to continue using this regimen for at least another 10 years or more. I know that puberty stops at around at 16, and I'm 17 years old now with no noticable decrease in acne. The thing is, my face is 97% clear. I have like one zit, but I have moderate backne, chest acne and so forth. The only reason I'm so clear on my face i
  9. Whenever I buy shirts, I need to make sure I buy about 2x more than I need due to half of them getting ruined in the wash. Its definitly from the BP I'm using, and I don't know how to fix this problem. For some reason, certain colors get stained more easily than others. Black, red, white, grey and dark blue do not seem to get affected, leaving me with no bright colors besides red. I had a really nice green shirt that got some severe bleaching, I guess because I used to sweat a lot in it (ska
  10. Yeah, I always disect my bottles and find a good amount left. I might try another store brand BP, but definitly not the type I used before.
  11. I have about 2 days left of BP, and I'm barely squeezing it out now. My dad said his credit card doesn't work so I can order anymore at the moment. It'll be another week or 2 before I can get some. I cannot use store brand BP, since when I did that before, I broke out insanley badly. I had a cyst on my face for like 3 weeks because of how severe it became. Dans BP keeps my face 90% clear, so the difference is huge! I'm not resorting to store brand BP I have 2 days left of my current BP I
  12. Exactly, its that simple and thats the truth. A person who leaves someone because of their acne doesnt deserve to be with that person anyways. I have TERRIBLE acne with enough scars to go along with it, except ever since I have become more social, lots (and I mean lots) of girls (in highschool!) have started talking to me. Why? because I got the confidence to talk to them. This one really attractive girl always wants to talk to me, and 3 years ago I woulda never even looked at her in fear sh
  13. ...wow.. he said QUID not squid, and over there I assume its like using the term "bucks".