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  1. Drinking only water besides a little fruit juice very occasionally. Removed dairy and most red meats from my diet. Mother refuses accutane still and got a little under a month before the dermatologist. Our appointment was pushed to the twenty third and the latest attack has subsides but caused massive permanent red scarring. My face will probably never recovering and no remedies continue to work. Im nearing my senior year of hs and everyone in my school and siblings are clearing up what they ha
  2. Thanks all. I forgot to mention that my mother was so against accutane that she told me she'd prefer me having acne. I will try to muster up an argument or see if the Dermatologist could recommend it if nothing works. Taking everything into consideration, so far my latest breakout has begun to heal some, but there will be clear scarring that will probably last a long while, I can already see the red pigmentation under it.
  3. I will try to get to talk to my mom about accutane, until then I will try the honey and shea butter. I lucked out and got a snow day this week and on monday it managed to clear up some. Sadly, as I said, when one disappears three appears and thats happened. Its worse than it was before the small clear up and they are all not even close to healing. My appointment is set for 3/14
  4. I am male, and thank you. I just wish the appointment was sooner, going to school like this kinda sucks.
  5. Hello, I am 17 and only started getting acne about one or two years ago. It was very minor at first, nothing too bad, until about a year ago it got progressively worse. I have tried Proactive, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Clearasil. I have stopped all picking for about 6 months now, I have cut dairy 100% out of my life for months now, I am drinking almost entirely nothing but water and get on average 7-8 hours of sleep for the past three months. I have a dermatologist appointment in a month (because
  6. lhicks13

    Worst Acne

    I am fairly certain I have the worst acne on the forum