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  1. Number one as you know stop picking it. Two see a derm asap because acne usually should not form on your arms especially agressively so it could be something else. Third stop taking extremely hot showers it may help the itch feel better but in the long run you are drying your skin out even more causing you to itch more later. It is like scratching poison ivy at the time it may feel good but in the long run you are only making it worse.
  2. Yea I know exactly what y'all mean my parents are convinced that if I changed my diet that my acne would go away. The great thing about this statement is that they don't even know how I eat. I am off at college and feed myself which by the way I am pretty good about being healthy so I kind of just want to shake them and be like look get of the change my diet thing because it did not work! Eh such is life though I guess their intentions are good the approach is just horrible.
  3. What I have found works best for me at least is to sit at a mirror near a mirror preferably a window that will be behind you as you look in the mirror. This way you do not get a glare from either side of the sun coming in and if I am somewhere like a hotel where usually the window is to one side of the mirror I will go out and park my car somewhere with the sun coming in from the back of my car. I have found this really helps with the color of make up looking different under different circumst
  4. Hey a combo of BC and Antibiotics does negate the effects of the BC keeping you from getting pregnant but still helps with the acne. My derm wanted to do that combo for me but I was not really sold on being on long term antibiotics so I declined that option and well effective BC is nice too lol. I would give the Accutane more time though people have said it can take up to the 6 month treatment to get results. So I would not fret too much yet.
  5. Hey I used to get facials to treat acne and it was recommended to do it 6-8 weeks. It probably really depends how bad your acne is and if you are really using the facials to keep you clear or to clean you up once in awhile. Also, I know mine cost $60 or less per facial and I agree with everyone else really make sure the person is well recommended!
  6. Hey I am about to start Accutane and I am going to stick with the liquid make-up I use. I use Bobbi Brown and I like it alot!
  7. Hey what did your cyst look like? The reason I ask is because my boyfriend has one below his eye. The doctors say it is a sabacceous cyst and that the only way to get rid of it is to cut it out. However, I've read on the internet that sebacceous cyst form and stay roughly the same size and do not improve with time. However, the cyst my boyfriend has is a purplish color and sometimes is a darker color than others. Today for example you could barely see a purple spot. Also, the cyst itself c
  8. ...however, at the moment im taking minoclycine..ive been on & off on this medicine..& its been more than 3 months and i see no improvement niether any differences =(
  9. Well after looking up SLS I do imagine this would not be good for sensitive and could be very irritating but I do promise it does work for some people even people with acne prone skin. Maybe toothpaste does not have high level of SLS as it is the last ingrediant listed under the inactive ingrediants. I'm just speculating though.
  10. I already know you know this but do not go to the tanning bed while on accutane. As far as I know self-tanners are ok.
  11. Toothpaste can work to clear up some acne. I would not imagine it would work on sever acne but it does work for some. I've tried it before and it does work. You should try it sometimes you just put a little dab over the zit and go to bed. Only use toothpaste that is actual paste not the gel.
  12. Me With Make-Up Before Accutane =-)