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  1. I don't know if you know this but epiduo contains bp and adapalene (aka differin) so that's why you're probably not supposed to use the 2 together. Epiduo can cause an initial breakout so be aware that you could break out worse. Try a test patch for a week and see how your skin reacts. You could still carry on using the bp on the rest of your acne to compare.
  2. So I have been using a daily AHA (Paula's Choice skin perfecting 8% gel) for almost 2 weeks now on a patch test area of my face where I have scarring and normally get acne. Before I started the AHA I had been using Paula's BHAs (several over the course of several months) on this particular area of my face without any improvement. In fact it made my skin worse. I still got blackheads and clogged pores, I still had redness, scars didn't fade my skin looked a wrinkly texture and I just never stoppe
  3. UPDATE: Glycerin WASN'T to blame for my breakout after all! I think it was a result of coming off Remeron (for those that don't know it's an antidepressant) that was responsible since my acne cleared within a couple of weeks of daily BP use. However, I started to break out all over AGAIN a week later on my cheeks as before where I don't normally get acne. My face is a total mess. I thought how can this be? I had stopped using glycerin and any other "new" products and had gone back to my usual
  4. Hi guys. I have recently purchased the acne.org cleanser and I have only used it on my face twice. Both times my skin felt very dry and taught afterwards. I used the right amount and followed the regimen instructions. I'm not on the whole regimen as I don't believe it to be necessary for me as I have been using BP/clindomycin for a year or so now with great success and had been getting along with my own regimen. However, I am still prone to breakouts but the biggest problem I have is clogged por
  5. I am STILL breaking out. The breakouts I got on my cheeks (which hardly ever breakout) have sort of dried up now from the BP I use daily, so it's not as bad as it was but I'm still getting breakouts on my t zone. Acne makes me neurotic. I literally will scour the internet for HOURS researching for new solutions I haven't yet tried, or trying to find out if anyone has had the same negative experience from using product. When it comes to glycerin however, I can find very little info. This rece
  6. Hi. As you probably remember, I had a negative experience with PC BHAs. I just never stopped breaking out. I'm on a break from it at the momnet while I try to get my skin back under control from using the glycerin and water combo as a moisturizer but I've still got the 2% skin perfecting BHA liquid to try, then I'm done with SA. I think I may be allergic to it or something and added to that, it doesn't prevent closed comedones, blackheads and sebaceous filaments from forming. It's not strong eno
  7. You know, having sampled almost all of Paula's products that are relevant to my skin type/conditions, I am extremely disappointed. I have only a small few left to test before I make my final verdict but the products for me have been average and certainly not worth the price tag. The only products that I have been somewhat impressed by is the skin balancing range but I have yet to test them over a longer period to see if they would eventually cause any problems.
  8. Oh wait, I get it now. Chemical sunscreens are more likely to be problematic for acne and rosacea prone skin compared to physical sunscreens. It's odd that it just so happens that this particular sunscreen I tried is actually a physical sunscreen rather than chemical. I've checked my regular sunscreen which I didn't really have any issues with apart from the white cast and ingredients list and that is chemical. I've also sampled a few other of Paula's sunscreens and didn't have any acne with the
  9. What is it in the sunscreen that blocks the pores? It has to be the active ingredients surely because I've checked through the ingredients with my comedogenic list and there isn't anything that should cause a problem.
  10. I will have to check that out. Thanks for that advice. I'd heard of patch testing before but I always thought that testing a product on any area other than my face wouldn't be a good indicator anyway since my face is super sensitive compared to anywhere else. I will have to test that one out. I've tried cleansing with just water before and it doesn't remove the oil on my face and it just leads to acne. As for wipes, I'd read somewhere they contain more chemicals and preservatives to keep
  11. I've just checked the glycerin bottle again and I forgot to mention it says it's suitable for dry skin conditions so it is for cosmetic use. I have never broken out from a product containing glycerin before so I never had any suspicion I could be allergic to it. I'm going to give it a couple of weeks and try it again, just to double check. It could have been Paula's sunscreen. I broke out from hemp seed oil. I attempted ocm and using it as a moisturizer thinking it couldn't clog my pores and
  12. I got the glycerin from a health store. It said it was 100% pure and from a vegetable source so I thought it would be ok. I've been searching but haven't found any evidence to suggest glycerin could cause acne, quite the contrary, so I thought how can this be happening? It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one to have this reaction. Can you buy better grade glycerin for cosmetic use? Where would I buy it from? Will it still cause breakouts, in your experience?
  13. I'm breaking out really bad I don't know what's causing it. It's one of 2 things. Yesterday I tried a sample of Paula's sunscreen. I didn't get any pimples yesterday at all but when I woke up this morning, I had a few so I decided to skip the sunscreen (sample had run out) and used a mixture of pure gylerin and water to moisturize. I've only been doing this on and off for about a week but I've used it consistently for the past 3 days. Since I put the glycerin on earlier, I've broken out loads