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  1. I have combination skin, even though recently i've been thinking it's more towards oily. I wash my face with warm water twice a day, and by noon my T-zone becomes reflective from all the oil. My most problematic area at the moment is around my mouth. On each side of my lips are around ten small red bumps, along with scars of previous pimples in that area. every few days some go away and fade into red marks, and others emerge in their place. Above my upper lip, i tend to get an extremely large wh
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    Hey. i assume that if you're reading this, we're on the same boat: suffering from acne, trying to clear our skin, disappointed by the lack of results that other acne products have promised us, etc. ive been there, and in fact im still there. Who am i? Im one of the many 15 year old boys who suffer from mild acne. Like most of us acne sufferers, there was a time, long long ago, when i was preadolescent, smooth skinned, and acne free. That was around sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Ninth grade c