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  1. DonnaGp23

    Its okay

    Its okay

    I used this for a couple of months and it took forever to work and it made my skin extremely oily, even when I used moisturizer. I think its works but not for me, and didn't make a difference in the redness or swelling of my acne.
  2. DonnaGp23

    Works wonders!

    Works wonders!

    I know this says it helps cure eczema, rash etc.. but I think it doesn't work on those problems. But it absolutely works for acne and blemishes. Literally after the 2nd night I saw a huge reduction in my pimples, and the redness went down. After a week, 97% of my acne was gone. This is an amazing product and it should get more credit. I put it on when I wake up (right after I wash and moisturize my face) and right before I go to sleep. This product literally works wonders and its SO inexpensive.