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  1. Sounds more like hyperpigmentation than bronzing... That's what I was afraid of, although I thought hyperpigmentation didn't occur with Fraxel? It's less likely to occur... I just got back from the office. She said it's just talking long to heal and its redness combined with the swelling. She said it's not hyperpigmentation. I'm to wear the bleaching cream 24/7.
  2. Sounds more like hyperpigmentation than bronzing... That's what I was afraid of, although I thought hyperpigmentation didn't occur with Fraxel?
  3. "THE BRONZING EFFECT" After my first treatment I did not have bronzing, then I had my 2nd treatment and no bronzing until a week later and I still have it post 2 weeks... these lil areas around bottom of temples/upper cheecks starting getting that bronzing effect so bad that other people thought I got another treatment lol the weird thing it that the bronzing areas are in the exact same place on both sides. The office told me to start using the bleaching cream every day and it should go away.
  4. doesn't make a difference. Really? I guess I'll do 3 weeks then
  5. or wear a towel over your face like Michael Jackson's kids jp Your only choice is to use make up.
  6. I need your help everyone! I had my 1st Fraxel treatment last friday but I can't have the 2nd one in 4 weeks... it has to be either 3 or 5 weeks. Which do you all think is best????
  7. I had my frist fraxel2 treatment on thursday and I know I'll be fine for work on Monday. I really think everyone is different.
  8. Ok guys, i did it! I had my first fraxel treatment. she used the new Fraxel2 but was a lil safe since it was my first treatment. She used 40 MJ on my cheeks and temple areas and 20Mj on my forehead, strength was only 4 but we're gonna go up next time. I'm hispanic so I was a lil worried with hyper. Anyhow i'm swollen today and my face looks like I got a really bad tan but this is not too bad. I'm excited to have the next treatment, I'm hoping I'll see some kind of results after teh 2nd or 3rd tr
  9. Thanks for your feedback. I had my first Fraxel treatment and I plan on combining treatments until i get every scar smoothed out.
  10. Pioneered by Dr. Sire, saline injections are a safe, nearly painless and highly effective way to treat scarring of the skin. Saline injections are effective on shallow atrophic and "rolling type" scars. Saline injections can also be used prior to other procedures to reduce the amount of surgical trauma caused by a more aggressive procedure such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. Results can last a year or longer but can be extended through maintenance injections. Costs $150 per treatment I'
  11. Wow, 30-40% is pretty good... I can only hope for the same. I really feel like Fraxel is the only thing that is going to work for my scars.
  12. 1,000 a treatment seems pretty steep, but I guess it could depend on the area. A lot of people I've heard getting a package deal of like 5 for 3,000. My treatments are $750 for cheeks only -- would be $1500 for whole face. Of course, I'm in Boston... The $1,000 is for the newer laser, whole face, and I'm in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area. Has anyone in LA found anything cheaper than $1,000 for the whole face?
  13. HELLO EVERYONE!! I'm new to the board and next week I will be having my first Fraxel treatment. I have med-dark complexion so the RN is having me use a bleaching cream (4%) for a week before I have the fraxel done. They will be using the new Fraxel2 laser so I hope my results are good. I have a few questions.... 1) Do most people use the bleaching cream a week prior to having a fraxel treatment? 2) I've heard the levels are different on the new laser. Which level should I start off on? 3)
  14. Mex323

    is she blind

    Have you had treatment yet? If so what have you had done and has it worked?
  15. From the album: Scars

    These are pics from each side of my face, I dont have many scars on the front of my face, just the sides. I have semi deep scars on my temples and under certain light they look really bad. I had went through accutane treatments about 7 years ago and it was great, it stopped all of my acne but then I was left with the scars... the scars have faded a lil over time but I've decided I want to try and improve the scars with serious treatment. Please please help with your advice, I have no idea
  16. Mex323


    HELP!! What treatment will help my type of scars?