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  1. for me, accutane brought ALL those underskin bumps to the surface. some of them were really deep and really old so i had some huge breakouts. but it was worth it, it was satisfying in a weird way knowing my skin was purging...so just stick through it
  2. as long as it stays inflamed its fine. like if you dont get a shot the exact day you get the pimple its fine as long as its still swollen and inflamed when you get the injection. if its not , the shot wont work
  3. so are you clear now? i think if all the bumps have purged it should stay clear right? each time,i think its the last time...at least i have an appt to get a cortisone shot friday!
  4. so ive been on accutane for 5 months....and my face was like perfectlyyyy clear besides a few weird under the skin bumps. now i think the last of them has decided to surface and i think its going to be badddddddd. its just so frustrating! i feel like ive gone through this cycle 10,000 times and each time i think its going to be the last and i just want my skin to be good before i go back to school and i dont know what to do with this. last time i got a cortisone injection, but it didn't really w
  5. yeah i definitely get that... im a girl and its my lower cheeks so i think its definitely hormonal
  6. uggh no one understands. i got one for thursday. when is the cortiisone shot the most effective? like my pimple is still realllllly big and red and swollen na d a little painful, but its definitely not the first few days ive had it. would it still work?
  7. so does anyone else feel like they do this too often? i always feel horrible when i ask...also ive been calling the nurses and leaving a msg but i like REALLY need one today and they ahvent called me back, what would i say to the receptionist??/
  8. so i got a couple cortisone shots in my cheek and now im getting some major dents from the atrophy. i know this is probably not permanent adn will heal over 6 months - 1 year, but if i got restylane would my skin heal on its own while the filler was there? thanks!
  9. ill talk to my doctor, but would they still be effective if i get them after the cyst is more like a bump and not so inflamed?
  10. i'm at school so i have a different dermatologist and she wont just let me call and come in the same day. does that mean they wont be effective?
  11. pretty mild but persistent. i think i must have just had A LOT of stuff underneath my skin....i just kinda wish it couldve ALL purged at the same time and i could ahve like stayed inside for a week haha but its just pretty steady purging for 3 months...what about you? how bad was it at the beginning and do you see improvement?
  12. so im almost 3.5 months into accutane...my skin is definitely been steadily improving...all these weird bumpsare coming to a head and then go away, but it just never seems to stop. i still have a couple bumps on my face that i know are going to come to a head but i just want clear skin! has anyone elses accutane course gone like this? when did the purging finally stop nad when was your skin just simply clear?