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  1. Oh girl it gets so much worse before better. But I promise you after hundreds of hours of research, everyone clears eventually. Guaranteed! I am so so sorry you're not feeling good about your skin, but it IS temporary. People who love you will support you through this journey! I am currently going through a bit of a facial rash/reaction from Accutane that consumed my whole cheek, I went to my derm and they gave me something to clear it up! No matter how bad it gets, everything is reversible and
  2. Dan's cortibalm is the only thing that made my lips look like human lips again, lol. But if a chunk of dead skin accidentally flakes off I apply actual cortisone ointment onto the spot and all of my lips and the next day they are healed.
  3. So my doctor said it is most likely a bacterial infection and so I'm doing a 10 day course of double strength bactrim. Also 3 days of an anti-fungal & prednisone and she gave me a a cream called Soolantra to help with the inflammation as that is the main issue. Sounds like a lot but its pretty scary looking and feels swollen and hot. Also I am stopping Accutane until this heals and then possibly proceeding with a low dose course. I'm so frustrated. This all pretty much came up yesterday....
  4. I have been on accutane for almost 6 weeks. I have not noticed any improvement of spots, but rather a worsening. The past 4 days I have begun to develop red, rashy patchy of spots on my cheek. The spots do not have anything in them except clear fluid, and only occur on my cheek. I noticed this happening once I starting using a small amount of BP on my face, but even after I stopped and started using the most gentlest cleanser known to man, it persisted and is now so much worse than when it sta
  5. Yes of course there is Go see your dermatologist! She is most likely going to give you hydroquinone, but this can also be bought in drugstores. It is a skin lightener!
  6. TaneBabe


    I'm so, so sorry you feel this way about yourself. But you are not alone. Acne made me hate myself more than I ever have. It made me think I didn't deserve love, food, or any social interaction. I am sorry that the low dose accutane did not work for you, as well. That is beyond frustrating and probably seems hopeless to some degree. However, there is hope. This is only temporary. You WILL find what works for you, because I can tell it is important for you. I like this quote that is something lik
  7. Coconut oil is, unfortunately, comedogenic (meaning it clogs pores) according to Acne.org http://www.acne.org/comedogenic-list.html
  8. What dosage are they? How did you get the medication, who is your prescribing doctor?! You need to call a doctor!
  9. WOW our situations are SO similar. I was breaking out more than I ever had the month before Accutane, so my derm gave me Epiduo Forte and Bactrim to take during the month before, and the first 2 months of Accutane. Literally got me 80% clear. I thought I wasn't gonna get my Accutane, lol. But I can tell you it is gonna get worse before it gets better, especially the first month and maybe even the second. I went through a few solid weeks of and initial breakout and am still purging, My initial br
  10. Dermalogica is the best. The Active Moist lotion is the only moisturizer I have ever actually liked. Also the cleansing gel is so nice, it feels like running silk over your face Glad you found what works for you!
  11. TaneBabe

    A note.

    Yes I am uploading pics of my skin once I have been on my new dosage for a couple weeks. I have a pics right now that are posted on my accutane instagram, @TaneBabe The thing with any treatment is that everyone is SO different. For example, people say so many good things about Aczone but it immediatly broke me out in pimples and a rash. On the other hand, people say such horrible things about Epiduo, and that is the only topical that I found any success with! Which has the same active ingred
  12. I LOVE Dermalogica Active Moist. It has lemon in it (a natural astringent) which sucks up oil and tightens pores. I have oily skin too and I hate moisturizing in general, lol. The Dermalogica line is amazing in general. I suggest researching it and maybe giving it a try! I think you can sample it at Ulta (the make up store, if there's one by you!).
  13. Hey there! I have used Yaz to clear up my acne as well. I don't think this is an initial breakout. I think it is just a normal breakout from your hormones fluctuating. As the months go on, the breakouts will get milder and milder because your hormones will stabilize and there will be less and less androgens in your body. But this stuff is awesome for acne! Good choice!
  14. TaneBabe

    A note.

    Yeah coming off spiro was the best thing for me. It gave me hormonal acne, but the thing is I really thought my acne was hormonal, so it was both confusing and frustrating when this drug made my problem worse for almost 3 log months! Also, my derm was one of those that didn't listen, so I switched derms and the second one was the one who prescribed me Accutane. I started Bactrim and Epiduo forte during the month before Accutane and my skin went back down to one or two spots with some clogged por
  15. YES! The same is what I have been going through this week. At the beginning of the week I got a big one, then the day after a small-ish but very red one, now I'm just getting my normal little clogged pores. So I feel like my skin is "normal" as in before accutane. But these blemishes literally heal in 24-48 hours, its amazing, but sooooo annoying lol. But I think soon they will become less frequent and then stop all together, after all, that is the goal haha.
  16. What topicals are you using? It sounds like they are purging!
  17. Hey there! Cute username so I have been dealing with mild acne for years and have seen 3 dermatologists. I also had my worst skin around 21. None of them believe food has anything to do with acne, unless you have a specific food allergy (milk, gluten), however a healthy diet and lifestyle ism essential. Have you tried seeing a Derm? They may have some helpful advice for you, even if you don't want to take a pill, it's insightful to have a doctor look at your skin to tell you what's going on. H
  18. Okay I wanted to first say this does not look bad AT ALL! Keep your plans and have fun anyway it could be a rash. I would try taking a Benadryl to see if it effects it. Hydrocortisone cream will help if it is due to irritation and will stop the itching!
  19. Thank you! My derm gave me samples of the CeraVe hydrating cleanser and moisturizer. When I get super dry in will try them out.
  20. TaneBabe

    A note.

    Spironolactone. It gave me nodular acne (small cysts that never come to a head), closed comedones, and on top of that I had a HORRIBLE picking problem, due to the anxiety that these breakouts gave me. Once I stopped that medication, I experienced a HUGE breakout once again (multiple cysts, tiny bumps, the WHOLE DEAL), and that spiraled out of control. Now I am 2 months off of it and I have only mild acne (a couple spots and red marks from my picking days). I am in a similar situation, my mom is
  21. TaneBabe

    A note.

    This almost brought me to tears because 2 months ago I was exactly where you were. I was on a medication that was making me break out worse than ever before, and I had a severe emotional breakdown. This included crying everyday, panic attacks at least twice a day, secluding myself from friends and boyfriend, dropping out of school, and not eating. I literally had to give up on everything because I was not taking care of myself. I needed time, and so I gave it to myself. I did a month of therapy,
  22. Hey there! I am also on Bactrim and used Epiduo as a topical. Epiduo has adepelene in it which is what Differin has, so I thought I would share my experience. My comedones did purge, some even inflamed, but when they did they did not re-occur. One way to help with this process is by getting them extracted by a dermatologist. I personally wish I would have done this, as picking and squeezing is very damaging. The open comedones will probably just shrink and then go away! Also, I don't think your
  23. Epiduo Forte worked wonders for me

    I am a 21 year old girl with mild acne. My main issues are closed comedones and the occasional large, blind pimple. When I began treatment on this topical, I was given Bactrim as well. I noticed improvement immediately after starting Epiduo Forte. My skin has always responded very well to BP, so I knew that was part of my success. But the adapelene really lightened my post acne marks and made my skin really smooth. I did experience an intense burning sensation at times, along with peeling, but I
  24. They look like they have improved! Sometimes all it really needs it time. I just started accutane one month ago and it's been a little rough but I have found cortisone to be useful for healing spots, and my derm actually recommended it. I'm always here if ya need me!
  25. Hey there! I'm gonna try my best to stay positive throughout this post but these last few weeks have been a bit rough. So I'll try not to focus on the bad, as many of us know this is a JOURNEY and no quick fix. It gets worse before it gets better is a VERY true statement. Side effects: dry arms (some white patches are forming on them so I keep them moisturized), body aches (REALLY bad after working out for a day), eye dryness (very slight, I can still sleep in my contacts most nights), and in