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  1. So I finally figured something out: The sun gives me whiteheads Like intense sun that is. I went for a few runs last week during the afternoon and now I have a few whiteheads. My face has been clear for months, I was exercising indoors. Last time I had an outbreak like this was early June when, you guessed it, I was running outdoors on this particular trail during 2-5pm. So I guess it's just the sun shining on my face that is causing this. What a shame, I thought the sun is great for skin. I kn
  2. I don't get how I get these things. I have 3 of them on my face at the moment. They're tiny but hurt a little and there's one above my eyebrow, on my cheek, and on my jawline. Random places. What causes them?
  3. Do you have to apply the urine to a clean face? I only wash, tone, moisturize my face at night, so I was wondering if I apply urine in the morning if it will clash with what's already on my face.
  4. Sometimes I am too tired to wash my face at night, so I just wipe it with toner. Is this effective at getting rid of the dirt, oil, bacteria that cause pimples? If so, what ingredients should I use to make a homemade toner?
  5. How long can jojoba oil be left on face before you need to wash it off? From my understanding, it does not clog pores. So can it be left on face for 24 hours?
  6. Would this be too damaging over time? I hate washing my face again at night, I find it too drying, so I'm looking for something quick and easy to clean my face with at night. Sometimes I rub a lemon wedge on, leave for 20 min, and rinse. If this effective enough or do I need to do more?
  7. It starts out as a painless bump and is the same color as the skin. It's there for a month and then begins to expand and turn red, but it's still relatively painless. What are these pimples called and how do you combat them? I tried ice cubes on it a few weeks ago and the bump shrank considerably and I thought that was the end of that. But it erupted again just in time for Xmas. Ice cubes are no match this time. I'm about to go Mad Scientist on it - any suggestions?
  8. I normally run (outdoors) between 12pm-2pm, but I wash my face every night so it's not like it's oily/dirty at the start of the day. But lately I have been breaking out since I started exercising outdoors again. I can't pinpoint to anything else but that. Do you think it's necessary to wash before I exercise? It'd be such a hassle though, could I just wipe my face with an astringent? Also, after you've done intense exercise, do you wash your face with warm or cold water? I wash with warm an
  9. What ratio of ACV to water should I use for a toner? Also, can I add anything to it such as a few drops of tea tree oil?
  10. I use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash and then BWC Balancing Toner and that's it. My face feels slightly tight and dry, but within an hour it goes away. Should I use a moisturizer also? What are the benefits? If I do use a moisturizer, it would be jojoba oil. Can I go to sleep with it on my face? I only wash my face in the mornings so if I applied jojoba oil would I need to wash again at night? Thanks for any advice.
  11. How about jojoba oil? My skin is combination oily, but I've recently switched to a new cleanser (Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean) and it's rather drying, although my skin feels much smoother.
  12. Is a vegan DHA/EPA supplement just as effective? I can't stomach fish oil for more than 2 weeks.
  13. If you have regular bowel movements, do you still need to worry about grains being a culprit in your acne? I actually poop better when I eat brown rice or quinoa. Those are the only grains I consume, no gluten.
  14. I've been drinking 2 tablespoons with bottled water everyday for the last two weeks. I've noticed a few new pimples though, does acne usually get worse before it gets better when you implement new anti-bacterial foods like ACV, garlic, and coconut oil into your diet?