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  1. yeah..had real pain at my joints waking up today.probably tane coupled with a bad training day.i feel lyk crap. dAY # small whiteheads appearing everywhere.at least 6 or 7.oily skin too. -.- strangely also dry lips, dry enough to feel slightly tight, but not enough to flake.
  2. yeah i used to feel really angry at my family members for just talking to me and walking around me at the worst of my acne..
  3. lol..thats kinda harsh.but quite true..anyway i was an idiot in a bunch of idiots in your equivalent of high school and all..you know.teased people who were 'different' and all and im not proud of it.but there is karma and there are rude awakenings.i like to think that i became more mature at the age of around 17..but now i suffer from acne! =( thus the karma. dont think too much about it..
  4. yeah i think having a nice and friendly derm would be a huge difference to your acne treatment.i have two derms, im supposed to refer to the other when the first one goes overseas.he's named woffles, or waffles or smth like that which i think is realli funny.lol.acne isnt as funny though -.-
  5. i lied alot past month about acne and taking accutane.didnt want to meet up with friends and all previously so had to tell lies.sigh. i lie to teachers ever since i knew them too.im as slick as anything with them, but when im lying to family members or close friends its hard.i get this nervous twitch below my eye too, when lying face to face. i play bad poker
  6. oh..hey.is this in any way acne related?lol.anyway i just had a shit day training too.i think i nearly died.its in my log o smth..well anyway hope you get better soon yeah.you seem like a cool guy so dont sweat about your weight loss..there's always next year anyway
  7. sigh i didnt want to go on a ramblng rant here at first..but i think i just will.seems to make me feel better. took my 30 mg and went for soccer practice today..im training with the army team now btw.its one of the last few practices so we were expecting a usual physical test of sorts.its irritating but im cool with physicals dont usually see them as a major burden or anything. the field was close for repair today..so we had to run on a road course.i've ran on it 3 or 4 times before..its reall
  8. i have no hair currently.had to shave for army. lol..thats great.now i'll have acne and be bald.sigh too late for that now though..anyway my derm didnt say ANYTHING about hair loss as well. =( DEVELOPMENTS some scabs appeared out of nowhere.and i cant yawn without feeling bad pain at the sides of my mouth.used a liberal amount of lip cream..dabbed it on with 'facial quality' tissue.i dont know if thats the right thing to do though..i think facial quality is rubbish even my toilet paper says fa
  9. oh no..i just read from zippo's log about getting nosebleeds.never got a nosebleed before in my life, though i've been hit pretty hard on my face by balls since an early age..lol.that sounded bad.anyway this may sound dumb too but nosebleeds sound slightly intimidating.when will they happen??in my sleep?im from a humid environment btw. i've taken to wearing baseball caps around the place.feel like it keeps me abit sheltered.never seen an outfield player wearing caps on the field though,not even
  10. oh no..i ddint know you can get nosebleeds as well..didnt say that on my pamplet =( anyway seems like your clearing up real quick! best of luck zippo
  11. DAY 2 woke a few hours ago.thank god its the holidays.never really had greasy skin before..but not exactly dry too.its hard to describe my unique skin really.bad acne just seemed to pop up out of nowhere.now, its easy, i have oily skin. =(( doesnt feel too great.had a few shifty glances at the mirror this morning but that seems to be the only change...more greasy now.i didnt know it would work like that..is it supposed to? popped my 30 mg pills for todae.parents and best friend concerned but th
  12. no expert but you seem to be on the road to recovery..well done mate. =))
  13. sweet last post oraballa.makes me shudder a bit thinking of the tribulations ahead of me though.haha but it seems your through the worst of it and i know i'll be there soon too. all the best! =)) from the bottom of my heart.
  14. my football is average really.but i like to think im a superstar with mad skills. =)) was a surpise to be picked for the U-21 team..anyway.i feel better already, just knowing there's a way out. thanks oraballa, your words have helped. =) my derm has told me what i've got is just mild/mod acne, but i sure dont see any of my friends or family with the problem!it has given me depression for the past few months/weeks. anyway i've decided to make the best of things.my sister's girlfriends and mine
  15. i got distinctions for A level chinese and malay.lol.anyone needs any help translating anything? but i have to tell you..it sounds and feels plenty dodgy.there are ALOT of scams like this in china.
  16. I PLEDGE TO.. take my accus exactly as my derm has instructed, not pick at anything on my face, eat healthy, not consume heavy alcholic drinks. hey guys..just a pledge i made to myself.i know that there have been other logs where drinkers suffer no side effects whatsoever, which is honestly great..but i know accu does go for the liver and its a risk taking it by itself and i just dont want to endanger anything else =) just a simple pledge really and anyone else who wants to make a simila
  17. you sound and look great =) i admire your whole attitude and all.. heres to even better things walk the wire!
  18. hey..i started my accutane.as in just =) GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST!!
  19. hey guys... i just got to the derm today, and she prescibed me accus.the nurse just called to give me the thumbs up after the blood test results, so here am i, holding my two boxes of accu.(20mg and 10 mg).im supposed to take 30mg a day btw. took it and im already feeling the side effects.i know they are imaginary though, i felt them the moment i took the box.the powers of the mind! btw i just realized something..my meds read 'oratane-isotretinoin capsules' actually.is it the same as the ones
  20. hey man..looking really really good =) i had my a major major breakout a few weeks ago..after never having even thought about acne for years.hope things turn out as good for me as it has for you =) all the best!!
  21. hey guys =) its great i found this board.this is going to be a minor rant for my part..the first time im actually getting to grips with my new problem i think. i never even though about acne for years...and suddenly its all back and worst then ever.im nearly 20 now and i had a major breakout while i was doing my local mandatory stint in the army..i used to be really involved in stage acting, but i havent went for practice in weeks now..have been making excuses to my own girlfriend just to avoi