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  1. Use less of it... and leave it on your skin a little less. Be super gentle.
  2. I have been using the neautrogena BP for like a month and iw as basically clear , my gf was even jelous of how gerat my ksin looked then i ordered Dan's BP cause i figured it woukld work good, and it would be good for sweating and everything, but ti broke me out and almsot felt greasy on my skin. I conituned trying it for a week or so, but it continued to not get better. Maybe I didn;t give it enough time, but as soon as a switched back to the neautrogena on the spot my ksin cleared once again
  3. Get accutane dude.. stop waiting... i went back and forth and back and forth forever... go with the bullet... i am in my treatment 1 month accutane... take it easy bro
  4. hey people i haven't posted on here much but I think I may start... I a month adn 2 days into my accutane adventure on a 6 month coarse... I was going good wiht my treatment... for the first 3 weeks no new breakout s then i started having a few... and i started to pick them! BAD IDEA... they scab so bad.. and leave big red marks... I would pop every ltitle white head... so dont! thats all i ask... Please people feel free to talk about anything here... Oh by the way I am alternating 40mg one
  5. Hey MAYA!!! I started using this vinager method... I am currently using Botchla's Regimen which seems to keep my acne under control... I'm wondering if this vineger methos should substitute oin for this regimen... or if i should use both... Secondly if I should use both... Should i was with blackhead clearing scrub (Salyic acid)-spell... then the Continuous control wash( BP)... boht in the shower.... then when i get out rub vinager on face with cotton balls.. Draws
  6. I have been on this regimen for almost 4 weeks and it has definatly helped me, although its the same problem I can never get rid of the redness/ new pimples forming on my jawline... by the way I am a guy... and the shaving system i use is the best the Philashave cool skin electric wet shaver. Any ideas, i was thinking of putting a bunch of healing agents together. like vitmin c, k, e... jabol oil...(spell)... stuff like that maybe aloe... Any Suggestions! Draws
  7. Hey Danny... I am currerntly about 1 week and 3/4 in... When i reached the week mark... I had some break outs... actually quite a few... but the BP drys them up really fast... and since that one week mark I have had about 2 new pimples... around my mouth area... so yes your skin will get better... one thing to remeber is dont use too hot of water... the more dryness you get... the no chance of breakouts... so find how hot u can have the water wihtout gettin dry... Drawss
  8. Back for a post... I mentioned I was getting alot of pimples on my jaw line... and I have eliminated this by not irrtating it anymore... by using the Philahsave Cool Skin Electric Razor... OMG!!! SOOOOOOO NICEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Anyways about breakouts... at a week in about... I had a break out... by a I mean 10 haha... well anyways... I'm now at 1 1/2 and it has made a world of a difference... all those dryed up and flaked off! and I have about 1 live spot on my face... right at the cor
  9. So are u saying your still using the products together.... but now its the The advantage thingy... and the Continuous control... and u said you were already clear before u said u started using the Advantage thingy... so how is it working BETTER... i dont understand... and I'm thinking that its the same thing doing both at the same time and doing one after the other... Draws
  10. hey maya... do u think by using this vinegar as after shave will screw up botchla's regimen... Darws
  11. Hey... looks like this regimin is going good for u 2... You mind if I post my results here with Botchla's too!? I'm only on my second day... My cheeks have never gotten acne on them... and my forehead stays clear... my problem area is where I shave... and like right at the side of my mouth... and down... but its odd... cause when i look in the mirror and see its going away... i'm thrilled... I did Proactiv for like year and a half... gave me mad cysts on jawline... still tyring to clear th
  12. This definately makes sense... what exactly do the toehr B vitmins do in your body, other than B5? Draws
  13. Hey, California, I have been on the B5 10 grams for about 25 days, and I saw no instantaneous changes... but a slow decrease in active pimples and fading redness are presentwith thius treatment... I still get a small white head very small maybe every 2 days... WHICH AINT BAD! My problem area is my jaw line where i shave(Pigment scarring), remeber California that the mind has alot to do with how you fell.. if u think its working that fast maybe it is... but good for them if it is... but it d
  14. hey i noticed that in the rear view mirroe too... but i also got frightened at the detnist when they put a mirrir in my face.. with that really high bulb light coming down at me... it was soooo gross... i was tlaking to my folks about it and they said its because the lighting was werid and the mirror is megnified so u can see your teeth better ( altough i wasn;t looking at my teeth! Like do my red marks look like that everywhere... it sacrred me Drawss
  15. man... get rid of the moisturizer... keep taking the B5 and use the gentle cleanser of Cetaphil wihtout water... you will get no dryness just dont put water on your face... squirt 3 squirts of cetaphil into your palms and massage gently in circular motions on to your face.... after about a minute... pat dry with a dry face cloth... then your all set... take your B5 and get set for the day! Drawss