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  1. your subject line caught my eye. I tried proactive 9 years ago when i first started getting mild acne in my early 20's. Basically, i had lots of tiny bumps. Well, i too also developed cystic acne after using proactiv for a few weeks. It may have progressed to that and had nothing to do with the proactive, but i was suspicious too. Another friend of mine had the same problem a few years later. Its very strange. Maybe it has something that people with sensitive skin are allergic to????
  2. Hi Everyone, So, i started using Saw Palmetto a little over a month ago- 320 mg day and Pregnenolone, 100mg day after reading a different post praising its benefits. If anyone out there suffers from predictable hormonal acne breakouts it is definetely worth a try. So far it has worked wonderfully for me. I am 30 year old female. For years i would breaks out cysts on my face, alway 3-5 days before me period. My dermatologist finally put me on YAZ, which worked great, but i had major side effe
  3. Maybe you can get to a regular doctor who can prescribe some antibiotics while you are waiting to see the dermatologist. Some tetracycline may help. good luck.
  4. Hi all, i also suffer from hormal cystic acne. Last summer it got really bad, after 3 months in a row of going to the derm for coritsone injections,he advised me to try Yaz (a lower estrogen dose form of yasmin). It worked great for my skin, but after being on it for several months i lost 100% of my sex drive, so i stopped taking it a month ago. Cystic acne came back like clockwork. I went to a chinese herbalist who recommended milk thistle and mushroom powder. Anyone have any experience w
  5. So, i need some advice. I've had a cyst on my right cheek for about 2 months now. I've been to the dermatologist 3 times for cortisone injections which seem to temporarily help. My cyst is only very slightly raised, but it is darkened. But it feel "lump-like" when i touch it. Today i went to the plastic surgeon. he said he could remove it for a whopping $484.00! I don't know if its worth it. I mean the cyst is pretty much flat. (For now at least.) And, i'm concerned about having to
  6. Does anyone have any advice on what i can use to reduce a dark brown scar left by cyst? Thanks
  7. I have had a really bad cyst for nearly 10 days now on my right cheek. It started as two separate red blemishes that continued to grow more inflamed and finally joined together to form one massive disgusting cyst! I went to the derm and got cortisone shots which didn't resolve it, it was already too late. I was in much pain like i got a stung by a hornet. So, what i've been doing is taking a lot of ibuprofen. This really reduces swelling. i highly recommend. For 7 days no improvement, bu
  8. I took Loestrin 24 for six months. And i didn't have any major breakouts. My mood was better too, no pms! I went off it because i just started to feel weird not having a period. And, my sex drive was greatly diminshed. This was in april 08. The following months of may and june when i was pms i broke out horribly deep cyst like eruptions that needed cortisone injections. I started YAZ the beginning of July, because i can't live in fear of breaking out every month. I have scars now from may
  9. Hi, I am 30 year old female and i still have cystic acne breakouts. it started when I was 21. (I only had very mild acne in my teens). Its not quite as bad now because i take care of myself and eat a more healthy diet than i did in my early 20's. Alchohol, nicotine and processed food make it worse. But when ever i get really stressed out i break out regardless of how well i eat, especially when i'm pms. I'm trying the yaz bc pill now, so hopefully it works. Try to find a good dermat
  10. I have been taking nicomide tablets on and off for about 5 years. I started taking it for cystic acne. It really works because When ever i go off it i break out. Its just soooo expensive without insurance. I tried to make my supply last longer by taking one pill every other day. Bad mistake, i broke out. By the way, does anyone know anything about generic nicomide? I heard there was a generic but my pharmacy doesn't seem to know anything about it. Thanks