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  1. Well this is what I'm trying for at least the next month: I got Avene gel cleanser and their cleanance hydra lotion. The cleanser feels wonderful, it has no soap, lathers really well and seems to do the job. The dream is even better. Only active ingredients and 2 of them are water and jojoba oil. My face is feeling very hot and tight the last few days, but I'm guessing it's the benzoyl peroxide, I have never used it before. At least I hope so, it was hard enough finding these products and they w
  2. Ok so I am in the midst of crisis and any kind of help or ideas would help. So I am 39 and have always had a fairly good complexion. No major problems with acne, not even as a teenager. About 3 months ago I started getting this big deep, subcutaneous lumps. One or two at first. I kept to my rutine thinking it must just be almost that time of the month. Within a week or so of the first my entire right cheek was covered i cystic acne and a forehead full of big, fat whiteheads! I freak out, which p