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  1. Its nothing so bad that you'd need plastic surgery. Consult another dermatologist or something maybe or atleast try using what he recommended for now and see if u can see any improvements. Update here when u do ! :)
  2. I dont know if i like doctors or hate them. Anti biotics are good at a level bt not good when they kill the good bacteria in the gut flora and cause more problems. Whenever my skin is sensitive or red for sometime i apply yogurt n let it stay for 20 minutes to soothe down any pimple swelling or redness but im sure thats not a solution for ur problem. Have a look into brand DCL AHA lotions 10 or their range on the internet n reviews might help u somewhat. Dont worry you are beautiful, we all a
  3. Hi it seems like u have more discoloration and some scars maybe. I recently heard DHL revitalizing lotion 10% might be good n has good reviews too. It has AHA and anythn higher than 10 like 15 20 could be harsh Its a bit expensive but could be worth it. Look into it good luck
  4. Hi everyone! I recently went to a dermatologist for the first time ever. He prescribed me to tetralysal lymecycline 2 boxes (1 month course) for oral and lymecyline topical twice , sebogel (salicylic acid and Nicotinamide ) and AHA revitalizing lotion 8% which has great reviews on the internet but like 10 or 15%. its all for bacterial acne and i can see little improvements already like no new zits and fading marks as well. i wana know if any took tetralysal and how did it go for them? Ive h
  5. @Nope.avi what helped us is what we are stating here that too cz the question was asked !! If it didnt help you well then too bad but it did help some of us and might be helpful to the one asking here. Atleast this is much better than some harsh products being promoted or used as trial and error and worsening the matter. Theres nothing wrong with sharing the knowledge or experiences so no need to barge in or go abusive without even knowing whats going on. thankyou very much !
  6. Tea tree oil from the body shop (15%) or 100% pure tea tree oil diluted in water n a good toner. It took me approx 1.5 to 2 weeks to start seeing results cz i would apply it 2 to 3 times in a day with a Q tib only on the spots and then later Moisturize daily. I started with 15% frm body shop no matter what skin type u have cz thats an essential oil so not bad n then after 2 months i used 100% undiluted as my skin dint get irritated by it. But u shud dilute it if using 100%. You have to be cons
  7. Bump anyone ? Ive heard zinc oxide cream works wonders for active acne and hyperpigmentation both !! Just that sudocream might be comodegenic n cause more breakouts but other brands have proven effective. Anyone who has tried that ?
  8. Hello so i can finally upload more pics. Can someone tell me what type of acne is this? Mild or moderate n how to get rid of hyperpigmentation? It had all cleared up bt again it started coming back as i popped and scrated my skin even tho it wasnt an actual pimple. Is this too bad? please dont suggest laser BP harsh products as my skin is sensitive. I did use tea tree oil , keep a good diet everything but it seems hormonal. Help?
  9. Im sorry if im out of topic but as far as I have heard , known, read reviews majority of the people say that their acne and red marks worsened cz of BP. Also if u use it once and still get breakouts then using BP day n night is a big no-no. However if u feel its something else causing u to breakout then ofc continue as long as u are getting good results with it. For example it could be ur diet high in sugar or stress or pillow cases or hormones maybe. Just saying Go gentle on ur skin exfoliat
  10. Aww thankyou @AlexZero2014 yes it healed in 7 10 days. Theres a slightly brownish mark left as usual that will fade away within a month or so. Red marks take ages for me to heal and they have healed even the 2 year old ones. The brown ones fade away in a month or so with time n skin lighteners (not too harsh ones). Hope ur skin is doing well :)
  11. Thanks, i know that and I didnt try all of them at once ofcourse or else my skin would be a mess. I have been to a dermatoligist 3 4 times but their meds werent as effective as what I tried after them. I thank God i wasnt mad enough to try BP or accutane or proactive and worsen the matter. :)
  12. @Ahallal22 oh there! i can tag you. :) I know how it feels to finally get rid of acne somewhat but the red marks are too stubborn to go away. I'd be more than happy if anyone would even find this 1% useful for them. I'd like to add 1 last thing here DO NOT PICK. THEY WERE RIGHT THAT PICKING IS BAD. even if u feel anything coming up just drink lots of water and green stuff (smoothies, leafy veggies) and it will go in another 3 4 days. That is way better than touching and picking at it when its a
  13. Yes it helped me alot in fading my red marks to almost back to my skin color which I had from 2 yrs almost and new ones kept adding. I started a post under " my acne story with ugly red marks" its there. Sorry im new here so idk how to tag you there or else i would :$
  14. I just posted something related to this on my profile. My marks were also similar to this and my complexion is also the same as urs. Might help :)