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  1. Seriously? You do not have a single scar. On top of that you are sexyyyy.... if ur gay hit me up <3
  2. You basically described me. I am a guy, with acne scars, who developed social anxiety from this. I am 22 and I have never been in a relationship because I don't think anyone would want me. I am in Dental Hygiene school right now and should graduate in around a year, trying to make the best out of my situation because unlike you my family has absolutely no money. Just a tip on how to beat the social anxiety - try to bring on the effects as hard as you can to try and demonstrate the anxiety to so
  3. You only have hyper pigmentation (redness) with around 1-3 rolling scars that are not noticeable ... just use a very good moisturizer such as CERAVE MOISTURIZING LOTION when you sleep to let the redness heal. You are gorgeous, don't worry about it.
  4. majority are boxcar/rolling ...... you have about 3-4 icepicks which is nothing. lucky you. 99% of that can easily be taken care of with smoothing procedures, i wouldn't needle those types of scars. Do something very minimal and non-invasive like 6 microderm treatments. or 3 fraxel;restores (not repair)
  5. You have some pimples/scabs that are in the process of healing. Do not pick them, use a benzyol peroxide (this lets oxygen get into your skin to kill bacteria) to get rid of the pimples, and use VERYY good moisturizer to let the scabs heal. I recommend CERAVE moistarizing lotion. Apart from that you have very MINOR indented scarring which I would just say let it be since these are difficult to get rid of. If you can't let it go try something not invasive like dermarolling with 0.5 needle and