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  1. Hello everyone, It is now the fourth month and within the past 2 weeks I've broken out once, a combination of 3 whiteheads and one cyst. I am still taking 35mg/day twice a day. Overall, besides my recent breakout, I am truly beginning to see some real results! However, I'm not sure if it's the weather change or the accutane. Regardless, less acne makes me happy. Based on my time so far on accutane, here's what I have to say about the drug: 1. It HAS caused mood swings, I'm positive of it.
  2. Hello all, I'm still on 35mg and I am on month 2. Just today some of the acne from previous breakouts have vanished, but newer and equally-as-painful pimples have erupted in more spots around my chin. What surprises me even more is that the time in between was so short. In other words, after waiting a week for my last breakout to recover I got hit with another set of whiteheads and one cyst looking one that I can see 2 whiteheads coming from. Yep, it's gross and it sucks to look at. It sucks
  3. Looks to me like your acne is very, very mild and you shouldn't worry too much about it unless acne reoccurs in that particular spot. All I can say for now is during these winter months it's extremely important to moisturize! P.S. - I would not recommend Absorica for your case of acne. Take Care, M
  4. What's up everyone? Ever wonder what it would be like drinking on Absorica? Fun! Still not a good idea though. I was tipsy after 2 shots and was throwing up after 4. Usually I can handle around 7-9 without even gagging. I just recommend that if you're going to do it then make sure you can be responsible when your intoxicated; I know for a fact that I know of my surroundings when I'm schmacked so I wasn't too hesitant to give drinking while on the ol' ac pill a shot. Anyway, I first want to
  5. Hey everyone, Start of second month on accutane = breaking the hell out for me. Same area as always of course. Several whiteheads around my chin area with redness around them. Also, still when I stretch the skin under my mouth I have these little white bumps that I think is acne to come and I'm just waiting for it to LEEEAAVVEE my face. They are absolutely destroying my self-esteem. I'm in a frat and it's rush season and I can't even go out without being free of thinking about my acne. It's
  6. So against all hopes, it's the start of the second month on Isotretinoin and I'm still breaking out. AND it's painful. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if the medicine just takes a while to work. I've decided to order Hemp Seed Oil which is what I will use on my face, arm, and hands moisturizer, only of course, if the Vanicream continues to disappoint me but I'm definitely going to give it at least another week. I exercise at least every other day, drink a lot of water, don't eat grea
  7. Hey guys, So turns out that the injections from Sunday are actually helping out. I guess that the acne sometimes gets worse before it gets better. I currently have scattered white heads around my chin and one in that area in between my upper lips and nose. So as of right now, it has been a month and 2 days since starting accutane, I have not seen any serious improvements in my skin. Although, when I first started taking it I was breaking out around (and even ON) my lips. That may or may not h
  8. I'm breaking out. Also, they're the same spots that my dermatologist injected. Coincidence or the Accutane working? Honestly, those injections never helped me in the past but the doctor always insist.
  9. As my life has progressed I've developed an increasing suspicion towards most dermatologists. How much do they really know about acne? Are they just giving/prescribing me medications for their own gain not knowing whether they'll help or hurt my acne? I really don't know. What I do know, however, is that my online research very often contradicts what the dermatologist will tell me in the office. For instance, when I went into the office yesterday, the doc said that the product I was using, Wax
  10. Oh jeez... I've tried sooooo much. Starting with proactiv, to something called clindamycin with like 3 different steps, back to proactiv, to neutrogena, to trader joes soap and cream. I've also used epiduo and aczone gel. Additionally, I've taken minocyclin and tetracyclin both unsuccessful. My friends say my acne's not that bad but they just don't understand. Oh and also I think it'd be important to mention that I breakout much more in the winter months than in the summer months. Kinda rando
  11. Speaking of side effects... I've gotten dry skin on my face, hands, and arms. It's nothing too bad, pretty bearable. The one thing that's annoying are the dry lips = after trying vaseline, aquaphor, waxelene, and finally BURT'S BEES I've concluded that BURTS BEES is the best solution for dry lips. As for the arms and hands I think that most natural body moisturizers would work; I would look for stronger ones though. As for the skin on my face, I've been using Waxelene https://www.waxelene.com/ -
  12. I began accutane during a minor breakout around my chin area. I had to deal with that for the first week or so until it cleared. By then, I had relatively clear skin and I was SOOOO happy because I thought that the drug was working perfectly. Unfortunately, not everything could end up as we wish and soooo - I broke out again at the end of my third week. It was right when I started second semester of college aka worst time ever to breakout. Since then, it's been toning down a bit. The breakouts a
  13. If you can't access the description here it is: Hey everyone! The purpose of this blog is to describe (to the best of my abilities) how Absorica helps (or not) my acne. I will try to make this blog as simple and descriptive as possible. I've had to deal with acne for so long that I understand the struggles it puts people through and all I want to get out of this is helping others who are in a similar situation. Please ask any questions you may have and I will try to answer them. Background: I'v
  14. Hey everyone! Please, if you have not already, read the description of this blog to see if it applies to YOU!Hope I can help!!!!!!! In this blog I will try to make everything as transparent as possible. I've been on Isotretinoin for 31 days now. I apologize for not starting earlier but I also feel like those logs would be meaningless because my dermatologist has told me it takes a little while for the drug to really kick in, although it essentially starts working right away.