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  1. retrolicious: yes lemon juice helped immensely, and much faster than anything else. it also stopped them from coming back for a few months here, now they're starting to pop back up, and i'm not sure if its from the lemon juice losing its effectiveness or from sweating & humidity. johndear: i wash my face with johnson&johnson head to toe baby wash and then sqeeze lemon juice onto a cotton ball, no water, and wipe it on my face like a toner, and just leave it on over night. and no, i don
  2. it makes you pale? really? huh. i have been looking pale lately, i guess thats why! whatever, i'll take pale over red and inflamed any day. but yeah i've pretty much been doing those things already...been keeping my hair up and pinned out of my face when i work out...wiping my face off alot throughout the day...so idk...thanks though... i guess i have to choose between being fat or having acne lol.
  3. be careful with cascara sagrada...don't take it for more than a week...it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, severe dehydration, gastrointestinal bleeding, and all kinds of fun stuff...or it can become habit-forming and basically you become unable to poop without it. i've also read that long term use can cause liver damage and increase your risk of colon cancer.
  4. I started using fresh squeezed lemon juice on my face every night back in November, so its been about 6 months now. It is by far the most amazing acne treatment I have ever found, and I have really tried everything besides Accutane. Lemon juice took my acne from cystic and moderate-severe to very very mild within a week or so, and the results stayed pretty consistent...until now. All the sudden I'm breaking out again. The only thing that has changed that I think could be contributing is that I
  5. it makes total sense to me that yogurt would work. i've actually been thinking about trying it for awhile now. i don't think its the lactic acid in it at all though. i think its the beneficial bacteria. yogurt is a probiotic, full of live cultures of good bacteria like acidophilus and bifidus. us acne sufferers destroy all the bacteria on our skin, good and bad, with all the soaps and treatments that we use. then fungi and bad bacteria become resistant to the treatments and can take over without
  6. i am 20, almost 21, and i have had acne since the 5th grade. until high school, it was just mild acne, but it was all over my face and i was very oily...but thats normal puberty stuff. then in high school, my cheeks, chin, and jawline exploded with cystic acne, which got even worse when i started college. treatments would help for a short time, never permanent. right now it is alot better than it used to be, but i still have some cystic acne. its usually 2 or 3 at a time now though instead of li
  7. bump i'm looking for an answer to this & can't find one anywhere...
  8. So I've been doing the B5 thing for almost a month now, and on the full 10 grams for at least 2 weeks, and so far....nothing. My face does seem less oily, but as far as my acne, if anything, its worse. I'm wondering if its because I'm not using any soap or topicals, except to spot treat. So my pores are still clogged with residual oil and bacteria left over from before starting B5? Just a theory... Or maybe B5 just doesn't work for me. I have a derm appointment today, I want to get on Klaron
  9. http://www.puritanspride.com go there!!!!!! my mom introduced me to a vitamin company that is extremely cheap, everything on there is literally like 70% cheaper than it is in the stores. i decided to try B5 and was complaining to her about how much it costs since you have to take so much of it at first...well i got a month's worth of B5 for 20 bucks! you can order online or request a catalog, i like the catalog because it explains what all the different supplements do for you in it. i promis
  10. hmmm...i've never heard of fucidin being prescribed for acne...usually it's used for skin infections like impetigo and wounds that get infected. i suppose it could work though? but it would probably lose its effectiveness after a while just like any other antibiotic.
  11. biore blemish fighting ice cleanser. it worked about as well as anything else OTC, but it definitely feels cold!
  12. yea i don't like using moisturizer either because i think it looks greasy, but my skin gets irritated if i don't, so i like to just use aloe vera gel instead. i use the fruit of the earth clear kind and i just put it on once a day before bed. it moisturizes lightly but doesn't make your skin any oilier, plus it seems to help a bit with acne and especially with redmarks.
  13. don't do it! ahh the last time i popped a big cyst like that, it ended up getting infected with staph bacteria and i got a big nasty crusty oozy infection called impetigo all around my mouth. it was way more miserable than acne could ever be. get to the doctor if you can't take it anymore! if you can't get into the derm that quick, just go to the regular doctor.