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  1. I'm a little late on this but happy new year to all of you!! 8)
  2. This happens to be an old household hint and many say it works. I've tried it and the only thing I can say is it's not what it's cracked up to be. The pimple doesn't disappear completely, nor does the redness. You just have a much dryer zit, for lack of a better term.
  3. Proactiv repairing lotion is much better than Neutrogena's on-the-spot bp. It doesn't dry as fast while rubbing it on like Neutrogena does. And it smells much better too. Plus, the color of the lotion is more inconspicuous as opposed to neutrogena, which is very white and noticeable.
  4. Just shave it bald and you won't have to worry about a hair cut for 2 months.
  5. I wasn't trying to be nasty, I was just saying that my initial impression was that epsom salt was all that was needed to ail acne. To be truthful, the regimen is on even street with your recommendation, because once again, there is a tedious process involved. Don't feel offended. I would have liked to have known that just washing with Epsom salt would be enough to keep acne at bay. Haven't tried it myself though.
  6. There's only two types: vanishing and tinted. People here use the vanishing.
  7. Well that sounds a little awkward. My impression was that you just used Epsom salt, but your regimen actually includes the same medicines you decry.
  8. I use Charles Worthington. That stuff is expensive. I think the flakes may be from drying skin. :oops:
  9. What kind? My kind that I use is not supposed to flake off. But I still get flakes on my shoulders. Dammit, that may be dandruff .
  10. I just went back to using styling gel for my hair. I know it can aggravate your skin when it gets on it, but i'm careful when I apply it. Besides, i can't stand my hair without any styling.
  11. Pimples refer to individual bumps, acne refers to the whole family.
  12. If you're doing your entire face, the first thing is that you should do one area at a time. Next, after you finish with one area, wash the bp off your hands and start again on the next area with clean hands. I noticed that when you leave the dry bp on your fingers, they stick more to your skin and may be why the layer of bp is balling off your face. And be very gentle. Use your finger tips. Smooth the bp around. Don't move in circles. Just go back and forth like Dan show's in the video.
  13. maybe it's some new form of birth control.
  14. Let's stop the nationalism. I don't know about Proactiv, but I do know that Canada has some restrictions of some sort against BP because it's regulator's believe BP causes cancer. HOWEVER, Dan's FAQ addresses this matter, and when you look at the history of BP and it's use, the hysteria is pretty baseless. http://www.acne.org/faq.html#cancer It's just like chewing inside your cheeks. If you do it long enough you can actually get mouth cancer. So their thinking may be, if you keep dryin