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  1. I've also been washing my hair every day, washing my face with a gentle Cetaphil Non Comegedic Cleanser, and using Brevoxyl BP Cream every morning, and still lots of pimples ](*,)
  2. Im still getting pimples all over my forehead, whats going on? I take it 2x a day, at 9:30am and 9:30pm This is so frusturating ](*,)
  3. I read in the instructions of my Mino that you aren't supposed to take any other vitamins or anything containing certain minerals like calcium,zinc,etc.bc they bond to the Minocycline and make it much less effective.I normally take several supplements in the morning along with my mino pill,including calcium and zinc pills.I did this for the first few days I was on it, but stopped today after reading that.I have several big pimples on my forehead,despite the mino.Do you think the first few days
  4. This site says it doesn't and so did my doctor, but I always hear something different I just want to know if eating certain foods, like chocolate or chinese food encourage acne, no bs, does anyone know? :-s
  5. Hi, I'm a 22 year old guy, and I've been having acne problems for a while I also have obsessive compulsive disorder, and let me tell you that doesn't go along good with acne.(Pick, Pick) 8-[ Anyway, I recently tried a benzoyl peroxide topical cream program, and it didn't seem to work too well for me, I was still getting a good bit of pimples on my forehead, my main problem area.I then got my old prescription refilled from about a year ago(I never took it consistently-lazy) of Brevoxyl(4%BP) an