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  1. Okay I think this is going to be my last and final update. It’s been a long time since I last posted here but I just wanted to post at least one more photo. I just still cannot believe how amazing spiro has worked for me. The only downside is that if I miss even one dose I can still get a breakout. I kind of learn that the hard way every time lol. I went in for surgery yesterday morning, but no the weeks leading up to my surgery I had lots of imaging and testing done and I was not allowed to tak
  2. Like any medication, there are side effects. Even ibuprofen can have dangerous side effects. It is definitely a lot safer to use than accutane. I think one of the more negative side effects I've personally read about while reading other people's experiences is hair loss, which I haven't experienced any of it on my head, only on my legs lol.
  3. Hello!! I'm so sorry I took so long to respond. It's incredibly hard to stay motivated on spiro. It took a good few months of being on it before I was sure it was doing something, and only recently have I been staying 100% clear. Seven weeks is nothing on this medication. I'd say give it seven months at least, and even then there may be ups and downs. Part of the reason it's hard to stay motivated too is because you'll still have scarring. In my case it was pretty severe and my skin is only now
  4. Hey everyone! I'm back. I don't know if I'll be coming here anymore, because I've been clear for what feels like a very long time now. My skin has been healing so well on its own. I wasn't able to find a derma roller that I liked, so I haven't tried it and I don't think I will anytime soon. Maybe sometime in the future though. My skincare routine hasn't changed a ton. I still use the same products, but I found a specific order (and time) that has been working so good for me. Having such probl
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I've read enough about derma rolling though and it's great for post acne redness/scarring. Many of the spots I have now are very very old, I'm not planning on derma rolling open sores on my face lol. I'm going to give it a try and if I don't like it I'll just go back to my current routine. And I wear sunscreen everyday.
  6. Finally... picture update!! I took these right after washing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen. I can't believe how clear my forehead looks. Like, half of it is entirely one color??? I can actually see my skin tone?? I used to get the worst cystic clusters on my forehead. It was always bright red/blue/purple. Not anymore!! Even though I had that really bad breakout on my left side while I was sick, it's actually healing incredibly well. Still visible, but I can't believe it's not huge brig
  7. I actually don't think I had strep. It was most likely a virus. I think I've only had strep once when I was little, but I've had a virus that felt a lot like this a few years ago. I'm not too worried about it, I'm doing much better. Probiotics don't really protect against strep throats though? I have these little duck fruit snacks that have probiotics, and I eat almond milk yogurt which has probiotics too. I also drink kombucha pretty often. ---- Update (I hate how my replies merge wtf):
  8. This spot actually hasn't gotten any worse since it showed up really, but it's just so ugly. It's definitely going away now. I've decided to start derma rolling sometime soon. I'm not waiting a year for these red spots and all that blotchiness to go away. Besides, it'll help repair some damage from all those years of breakouts. I'll update when I finally get a derma roller. Hopefully sometime next month.
  9. Yeah, I really think it's mostly from me being sick. My period is probably what started it, but being sick is probably what allowed it to get so bad. I'm getting better though. My throat doesn't hurt as much. I should be better by the end of the week, and hopefully this breakout too. I guess I'll just have to wait it out and see.
  10. Sad update: I'm so mad. This fucking breakout is awful. It's surfacing, I've been using my exfoliating mask to try to get it to go away faster. It's so ugly. I've ran out of things to try. I've spent years trying topical treatments and I already know it's useless to try and apply anything else to it at this point. I'll just have to wait it out and deal with a massive red spot on my face for the millionth time in my life. I know my breakouts are hormonal, but I wish I could find at least someth
  11. Mini update: I don't know why I didn't mention it earlier but I have a terrible case of strep. I realized my body is probably trying so hard to get well again, its main concern most definitely isn't my skin. My throat burns and really hurts. My back aches, and my body feels tired and weak. I'll update when I'm well again and I'll see if getting well helps this breakout because I think now that it is cystic. My body seems to be keeping it from getting worse as fast as it usually would, but it
  12. I actually have a bit of an update today. So unfortunately, like I said before, the clear patch I went through didn't last. It's not so bad though. I currently have one bad spot on my cheek. It's not big and I actually don't think it's cystic. It was a regular little spot earlier this week and now it's just healing and inflamed? It's been the same size for like three days now. I don't think it'll get worse, but I accidentally punched myself in the face earlier (sounds ridiculous but water bottle
  13. Another five days of being clear. I could cry, I'm so happy. I never thought I'd get this clear ever again in my entire life.
  14. ... still nothing. Wow. After months of consistently breaking out I've hit a clear patch. Still doubt it'll stay but I'm enjoying it while I can.
  15. Today is my four month mark on spironolactone!! I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but since I started using my new cerave moisturizer, I haven't had any new breakouts. I have spots that are healing but my skin is doing pretty damn good today. There's really not much else to say right now. I'll definitely update if there's any big changes. Thanks to everyone who's been encouraging me to keep going and for everyone who's still keeping up with my progress. I'm feeling super confident abou