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  1. I know, right? And religious people are absolutely never, ever, EVER prone to feelings of depression. Now go pat yourself on the back for being a wonderful, understanding, open-minded individual.
  2. That's just plain horrible. I sympathize a great deal. I don't know if I would be able to deal with all that. I'm so overwhelmingly insecure as it is with what I have now. I congratulate you on finally conquering your acne problem, though.
  3. Currently I'm using sheercover, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. But I'm looking to try out EM as well, just because of all the wonderful reviews I've read on it. The thing is: I don't know my shade :/ I love, love, LOVE that they have an extensive selection to choose from (unlike most mineral makeups that only give you 5 shades or so, like you're supposed to just fit into one category of "light" or "dark") but it's also making it somewhat hard to choose... I use the sheercover mineral
  4. I hear it beats bare escentuals by a LONG shot. The red/pinkness as far as my acne goes is super duper horrendous; dark, and beyond noticable unless I apply like, an inch of concealer over it. so this stuff is my last hope... I need something that WONT break me out and can cover really well, and this stuff claims to do the trick. Am I reaching for the stars here? =[
  5. I'm too embarrassed to show my acne to anyone. I won't even go makeup-less in front of my best friend. She tends to point out things a lot...like she'll notice little flaws I have...and once when I stayed over at her house, she made me wash my face with her facial cleanser, and started pulling out these spot treatments and asking me whether or not I've tried them before. It was really embarrassing for me. Just a few weeks ago, we were having a discussion and she remarked on how surprised she was
  6. Recently I've been using maybelline new york's wonder finish cream to powder foundation [because everyone tells me that cream to powder foundations always offer a great amount of coverage.] And Physicians Formula concealer stick. They're basically sucking, but I don't really have time to get to the store and get some new stuff...
  7. It's like foundation always accentuates the appearance of loose, flaky, peeling skin. It's so frustrating! Please, oh please offer me a remedy. I've already tried the loading on of the moisturizer, and the micro dermabrasion dealio... but nothing seems to work...
  8. So recently I've been hearing everyone rave about this stuff, and how it offers "perfect coverage", etc. But after strolling into Macy's to actually purchase the stuff, I was dismayed to find that the price was a whopping $40 . So I'm just wondering- is Dermablend really that great? I've also been meaning to try Revlon's Colorstay, considering I've read so many great things about it on here.
  9. Do you let the moisturizer soak in first [this should only take about five minutes tops] before applying the foundation?
  10. I actually feel the opposite. Without makeup, I'm like a walking tomato. It's like all eyes are on me- the one with the spots.
  11. Happens to me to. I sware they're doing it on purpose.
  12. Ugh. True that. I hate getting ready in the morning thinking I look suprisingly great, to find that the mirror was just tricking poor little me.