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  1. Days 170 - 194 So I'm pretty much done! Had my last appointment in the dermatology department. I went through the same usual questions, and then was asked a few short questions about what I thought of the treatment and how it had worked for me. I was given an at home pregnancy test to take in one month. I was also told to book a fasting blood test for 5 -6 weeks time to make sure my liver function and cholesterol are still ok. I will have to do mine in 4 weeks as I'm moving abroad in about 6 w
  2. Day 129 - 169 I had my derm appointment which I did manage to get sorted before my holiday. They kept me on 80. Now I've had my next one after that, and they have put me up to 90mg a day for what should be my final month on accutane. I'm so surprised they put me up, as I've had to push my way up to 80mg, and I didn't suggest going to 90. I guess it really depends so much on which nurse you get on the day and what kind of mood the doctor is in who has to sign off! I think I will end up somewher
  3. Day 97 - 128 Sooo I got a horrible horrible illness - I believe I actually got whooping cough which I didn't really think was a thing for adults, but it seems to be the thing I've had. So I have been very ill for a month and wasn't able to take any of my accutane pills for 2 weeks due to not being able to eat anything and/or throwing up what I did manage to eat. At one point my mum had to go and get me calpol because I couldn't even manage to swallow pills anymore, just so I could get some par
  4. I think my advice to anyone who is really feeling torn about taking accutane is to not take it yet. I mean, once acne affects you enough emotionally there is no torn feeling! You just want the damn drug! So if you are not struggling too badly and are still participating fully in life then my advice would be to wait a while. You sound like a good candidate having tried so many things, so either you can just take it in a year or so, or maybe even your acne will clear up in that time anyway? I have
  5. Given what you have coming up, my advice would be to delay the start of your course. If you started in Nov / Dec then you'd be past summer and freshers, and into revision and exams, and you'd be done before the summer comes around again. I mean, if you would legitimately fully avoid sun exposure and alcohol because then by all means go ahead with it, but I feel like if you are torn between the two, then probably you are not suffering terrible social anxiety / not leaving the house or anything (
  6. I'm on depo and about 3 months into accutane. I have never heard anything at all about accutane making depo less effective! I certainly haven't noticed any changes since being on accutane - still no periods and no spotting or any period related symptoms at all really. They accept depo as your main form of contraception when taking accutane, but they will ask you to use a secondary form like condoms for the duration of your course anyway, as they always require 2 forms of contraception (as far as
  7. Day 87-96 Had my check up at the dermatology department yesterday, and I've been put up to 80mg per day which I'm happy about. I think the Dr I saw originally was fairly conservative with dosing, so I'm happy the nurses have managed to convince her to sign off on an increased dose. It hasn't been a great couple of weeks, skin wise (ok still 100x better than pre-accutane), but I have had quite a few spots come up, and they've been kind of painful and inflamed (thought nothing cystic). For the
  8. Yey for a nice success story! It's cool of you to come back and post and update, it's good to see
  9. Nothing like a conspiracy theory to kill a nice interesting conversation...
  10. I was thinking about the emotional / mental effects a few weeks ago when I kept having really vivid quite unpleasant dreams (I normally hardly ever remember my dreams). The theory I came up with in the end is that taking accutane is like walking through a gloomy car park at night by yourself. There is a really high probability that you are just going to get in your car and drive away and everything is fine and dandy, but you have heard stories and seen news reports and you are very very aware th
  11. - I'd go for more than just a snack if possible to try to get the best absorption - You can use facewash (if you want to), just stay away from the treatment type ones - Body dryness seems to differ a lot. I'm in month 3 and only have dry elbows and slighty (very slightly) dry arms. But some people have to slather themselves head to foot. Maybe wait and see how it goes for that one? Sounds like you're really prepared - good luck!
  12. Hi, Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. It seems like there is really no one way for people to respond to accutane - if you want to read some of the other blogs and logs on the site, you can see that it works faster or slower for different people. So, I don't really know that there is a 'normal' time for someone to clear up, but if you are concerned then talk to your Dr. The only tip I can offer is to try to take your pills with a fatty meal if you are not already, as that will help the
  13. Yes, it is quite normal to have redness when taking accutane. I have redness in the same areas as well. Your skin looks amazing, congratulations!
  14. Has anyone seen the news about Kirsten Storms? (I say 'news' with large handfuls of salt, but this story did appear in the trending sidebar of my FB feed today.) I've never heard of this actress before, but it seems that she is having to take time off from her job due to acne (I feel like it is safe to assume acne because she says 'skin issues' and then references 'breakouts' due to stress.) She says it was getting too hard for the show to cover her skin, and that appearances matter in her biz.
  15. Yes, good reminder! I found a factor 50 lip balm in Boots from Uvistat. I didn't find it as moisturising as my normal one but I wanted the spf, so I ended up layering them. There may be better ones out there, that was just the only high spf one I saw in Boots and I was being lazy