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  1. anyone tried DermaLive or DermaDeep filler before?? apparently its so popular and been around in europe for some time. don't know if its available in US though. heres a link..
  2. this is for anyone who has ever had dermabrasion... do notice any abnormally more enlarged pores after the procedure? or any new scarring that you may think result from the procedure? apart from the redness and hyper/hypo issues, seems that there isn't much complications. anyone?? cheers!
  3. hey mr.bones, it'll work! i crossed an old scar from an injection mark on my arm a few months ago. and it work really well. of course, u can't expect perfection, but u definitely can expect huge improvement on the way your scar look. read all about my experience here---> http://www.absoluteacneinfo.com/acne-forum...8666a335a5b9d20 cheers!
  4. hey reilly! how ya doin with the third cross treatment? have u done it? got any more pics? could do with some more of 'reilly's inspiring pictures'!! cheers!
  5. heres some more pics! its from the tca cross document... cheers!
  6. just thought i'll post some more before and after pics on tca treatment. i got this off the web. it says this guy did some tca treatment, and i am assuming it is tca cross treatment, and not tca peel. the before and after is about 10 weeks apart. looks promising... anyone interested, heres the website ----> http://www.cosmetic-medicine.jp/english/re...ikon/index.html cheers!
  7. hey maya, 16 days and still scabing? dats like WOW! must be a world record or something. keep us updated aight! good luck!
  8. hey reilly/anna... how are your treatment going?? hope its doing good.... hey maya... i juz read your updates on your treatment, sorry to hear about your breakout. but im sure the scars are going to start filling in for the next several weeks right....as long as its still reddish in colour, that means that the scar is still healing/filling in.... Wish you all the best! keep updating!!
  9. hi reilly! i think your pics are fantastic! definitely more than 70% improvement! i am absolutoely sure that if you keep this up, you'll achieve what you and the rest of us here wants, clear healthy skin! keep it up! to anna, hey, im sure all of us here is very interested in your test site! 9 days of scabbing, thats impressive! please please please keep us updated. thanks!