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  1. I saw results within 3 weeks. Crazy ass results too. I went from having nasty oily skin to dried skin in a matter of weeks. I had to apply lotion twice because of skins dryness. I posted a pic of my results a while back. I dunno if its still here, but if u cant find it, ill post an updated one. Goodluck with B5
  2. wow, thats an excellant price. is it 9.35 for 250 caps of 500mg a cap? if so, then thats by far the cheapest b5 out there.
  3. when i first started getting oily skin, i bought those clean and clear oil absorbing sheets. At first i thought that was the only thing i could use besides washing my face every 30 minutes, but then i researched on B5. Ive been on it for almost a year and its cleared up my acne and oilyness to 95% clear. Just a little of scars left. Id recommend everyone with oily skin to try out B5, and dont forget to take b complex and multi vitamins. Any questions just PM me. Glad to help anyone.
  4. when i first started my B5 regimen, i began at 7grams instead of 10. I saw results within 3 weeks. After the first 2 months i lowered the dose to 5 but i started to break out again. So from my experience 5grams a day didnt help. Oh yea, i posted a pic of my results somwhere here a while back, check it out.
  5. WOW are u serious? I never tried to stop B5 before because im afraid i might break out again. Did you slowly lower your dose? thats what ive been doing.
  6. i never had stomach upset while on B5, just bad bathroom visits. You might want to stop B5 and cosult a doctor. This is the 1st ive heard about aching stomachs.
  7. Brand really doesnt matter except for price variation. I tried several brands and all work fine. Now i just stick the cheapest one which is in powder form and i cap it myself. Only costs 15 bucks for 300grams of b5 and the empty gel caps.
  8. Yea, i booz it up too almost every weekend. Hehehe, sometimes i even take my B5 with beer. My face is still pretty clear.