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  1. check your diet, foods you eat will be the problem
  2. I agree with you that everything is good in moderation.. but there's two things the body doesn't need: 1. meat 2. anything dairy there's more than enough different kind of foods out there that can provide us with nutrition we need to lead healthy lives.
  3. you need dairy? that's the most absurd thing I've ever heard. You do not need dairy. Do you even know how we get milk and what's inside of it? do some research or you can just continue to support the billion dollar cosmetic industry..good luck wit that btw not everyone gets acne even if they eat unhealthy foods, everyone is different. But those who are different can stop acne from clean eating. If you don't believe it, it's cuz A. you're not eating healthy B. you think you're eating hea
  4. You need to moisturize try ponds or vitamin E oil
  5. Shorty--can I ask you , what did you do to your diet ? I urge you to avoid treatment from skin care products. Try clean eating. no soy no dairy no sugar no simple carbs no oily food. Good luck.
  6. Hey guys I know most of you rely on products or other "organic" ways of treating your skin topically. But I assure you that your skin will improve and you'll be able to "prevent" ance from changing your diet. Try this since it worked for me: no soy no dairy no oily food no simple carbs no sugar less going out to eat and more Preparing yourself meals. Cheers
  7. you guys are relying on skin care to get ridof your acne. That's not the solution. Change up your diet to prevent the acne, not treat it. Everything starts within. If you want to know more, shoot me a message.
  8. sorry but this is bs your acne is gone cuz of something else
  9. Don't treat acne, prevent it! Seeking a dermatologist is the biggest waste of time/money. Follow the below, and you'll see a huge difference (TRUST ME).. No soy No dairy No Oil No Sugar Also avoid simple carbs..if you don't know what this is, look it up!! Only eat complex carbs.. These are the biggest steps you must take for improving your skin..