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  1. I also tried to use Calendula oil! It works even better than coconut oil
  2. i use extra virgin coconut oil with a cotton pad to remove my make up. it remove my eyes make up very well-not irritating
  3. GREAT

    i really love this product i use it as highlight powder to finish my look it does not cause irritating or acne the only thing to comment is the price,it is freaking expensive for me
  4. didnt work!

    i have oily skin and moderate acne it didnt work for me and it made my skin break out so no!
  5. worth for the price

    this is amazing product and i use it as my night cream and smooth and keep all the moisture on my skin and i think its perfect for kind of skin
  6. not for me

    it worked in the beginning but after that it did nothing for my acne and dried out my skin so i dont thing it works for me
  7. best product!!

    this is amazing i love this product ive been using for a year and it works wonders on my skin!ill definately continue using it