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    TRY IT!

    TRY IT!

    Before I start taking Diane 35, I was very skeptical about it, especially after reading all those negative side effects. To give you an idea of the severity of my acne problem, I had tried out a handful of different oral antibotics for almost a year, all the tropical treatments, and almost the OTC remedy/skincare/vitamin etc. You name it, I have tried it!!!!. My dermatologist was happy to prescribe me with Accutane, in fact, he even said that it would be a good option for me if I want my skin t
  2. Hey guys, Right now i am experiencing probably the worst skin condition of my life, my doctor has given me Klacid 500mg (a strong antibotics) for around 7 weeks now and said I might need to start on Accutane if that doesnt work for me. My skin was perfect while I was studying in Switzerland and once I got back to Hong Kong, I have non stop breakouts for over half an year. My acne is not at all severe, its not cyst acne, just a lot of whiteheads/blackheads/small pimples and that. (like s