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  1. well i've ordered a container of it myself, so i'll post results when i start using it
  2. is triple paste similar to sudocrem? which works better? what about your skin looks better?
  3. what is the best way to buy the sudocrem? i aint lookin to spend a fortune here
  4. not to hijack the thread, but do you guys have acne on your face where you shave? i ask this because i HATE shaving with acne becuase it hurts like a bitch. i try and go gently, and most of the time i get a good shave, but i feel like it's just terrible for the acne. how do u guys cope with shaving with acne?
  5. so recently i've felt like my face has been improving a bit, but i still have a few pimples near my mouth that i hate. but for the last week or so i've felt good and felt maybe it was coming to an end until i had a horrible moment today... i was with my voice teacher and she wanted to show me something in my throat as part of a lesson she was giving. so she gave me a cosmetic mirror to hold up so i could see down my mouth. of course this made me insecure because i barely ever look at myself in
  6. haha! glad to meet a phellow phan! i love phish and i love trey (despite his current bust) anyways, i know i was going to update this thread daily, but my busy schedule got the best of me. well, i've been on the regimen for over a month now, and today was a critical day: i'm pretty hard on myself. i'm usually a perfectionist at most things, and i tend to get frustrated easily. when i first started the regimen, i saw some instant results which were good. overall, my skin is smoother and look
  7. interesting thread. how do i go about getting my blood tested? do i call my doctor and tell him i wish to see if i am allergic to certian foods? i need some more info on this.
  8. aright so today is Day 2. woke up and my face looked a lot better than yesterday. again, i have light to moderate acne, but i still want it to go away, and i think this is really helping. it felt refreshing to do the regimen in the morning. today i was more conscious of my face (ie not touching it a lot and being aware of potential irritation). i feel like if i keep doing this regimen it will prove to be beneficial. i can already feel my face being healthier. more later.
  9. Thanks a lot! I'm looking at your regimen (and other people's regimens) and a lot of people are using Jojoba, tea tree oil, and/or Apple Cider Vinegar. what are the benefits of using those products? Where can I buy them? Any local stores selling those things? How will i know which will be the best for me to experiment with? Also, shoutout to fellow Ben Folds fans! Saw the "landed" quote in your signature and got excited. i JUST saw him last Monday at the Beacon Theater in NYC. AWESOME show! it
  10. where do you buy ACV and all of those vitamin supplements you were/are using? are the vitamins actually helpful?
  11. hey guys. i'm a long-time lurker (been lurking since the beginning of this summer), and i finally decided to register and post today because i'm starting the regimen. i got dan's cleaner and BP gel in the mail today, and i have a decent moisturizer to get going. basically, i have light to moderate acne. my forehead is pretty clear, my chin and lower nose area are problem areas, and very recently my checks started breaking out. i figured that part out. i recently have started to shave, as my be