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  1. I'm on Accutane and I just got in a hot tub. At first it seemed like everything was okay and after about 10 minutes or so the skin on the back of my hands started to burn and boil. I noticed tinny bumps all over my hands and it swollen and red. Now my skin is extremely try in some places no matter how much lotion I apply. Smh. Rookie mistake. Be careful.
  2. Hi Everyone. I'm new to this site and am suffering from severe acne and am hoping I can find a solution here. I've had acne since I was 5 years old and I'm now 21. I've been to three dermatologists and none of them have given me anything that will provide a solution. Additionally, none of them will tell me whats actually wrong with me; like why do I get acne, what can I do to prevent it, what medication might be best for me, if trying o.t.c medicine is ok, or anything. I'm graduating from coll