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  1. A good product to try is Shu Eumeura Lash Repair. (I probably didnt spell the name right). Its a clear lash treatment that you apply like a mascara at night. It helps to keep my lashes from falling out cause I have that same problem. This stuff is expensive, I think $20 but its amazing. It makes my lashes longer, thicker, and shinier. It really makes a difference, even right away. I buy mine from the brand's website cause i think its hard to find in stores. Hope thi helps!
  2. Hey, I've been on Retin-a microfor 2 and a half years now, but it doesnt seem like its having as powerful of an effect at killing my acne as it used to. I was wondering if anyone else whose been in retin a for a few years has noticed that their skin has built up a tolerance and now the retin-a is not working as well?? Do you think I shold switch to a different retinoid??
  3. I know how you feel, I seem to break out from wearing makeup also, no matter what brand I try....Also, makeup can actually cause you to break out within a day if the ingredients in it are aggravating your skin, in contrast to what other posters have said. this is because cosmetic acne is completely different than hormonal acne, which is the kind that takes weeks to form and will appear whether you use makeup or not. that being said you might have sensitive skin if your skin reacts easily to pr
  4. I have a kabuki brush that I bought from Aromaleigh for applying mineral makeup. It was expensive but it blends powder on very smoothly. worth the money.
  5. I am looking for a really good mineral foundation that will give good coverage and still look natural. Has anyone tried any that they think are really good??
  6. If you want to get rid if makeup without irritating skin: wash your face with cetaphil cleanser, dont scrub with a washcloth or anything else. just rub the cleanser in gently but thoroughly in circular motions for about a minute. then splash with water several times and pat dry. this will remove almost all of your makeup, but there will probably still be some residue, so use a non-irritating toner to remove the rest. I highly recommend perri skin care's aloe cucumber astringent. it soothes skin
  7. You should try using Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. Its a serum made to heal irritated, sensitive skin. I just bought some a few weeks ago and it incredible. I had the same problem as you, lots of flaking from topicals(Azelex), and this fixed it right away. You only need to use a few drops because its very concentrated and you probably will only need to apply every couple of days. I should tell you that its pretty expensive if you buy it in department stores, though. I think $50 for 1/2
  8. hey xgamer, if dr perricone says that salicylic acid, bp, and glycolic acid cause inflammation and are therefore bad for acne, then why does he put them in his acne product line?? http://www.sephora.com/browse/section.jhtm...ategoryId=C7310
  9. you could try eating brown rice and whole wheat pasta, which I know they have at health food stores like Trader Joe's.
  10. Instead of scrubbing the Cetaphil off try rubbing it into your skin gently, then gently splash it off with water and pat your face dry on a towel. To make sure that all of your makeup is removed and nothing is left clogging your pores, use a sensitive skin toner on a cotton ball like Neutrogena sensitive skin toner. Hope this helps.
  11. you can try Clearsail Adult Acne treatment, it has sulfur and resorcinol in it