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  1. I have been doing this occasionally and have see great results. As I massage my face I can feel all the dead skin, blackheads, dirt, grit, etc coming out. I have used roughly 40% castor 60% EVOO and some drops of tea tree. I also dap tea tree directly on breakouts once in a while. Just put together a new concoction. roughly 30& castor, 50% EVOO, 10% sweet almond, 10% jojoba, plus tea tree, geranium, lavender, and eucalyptus. Lavender is supposed to work wonders for all skin types.
  2. found a new decent brush. so far so good. last one was made so cheap broke right away. let's attach a rubber handle to a plastic neck with only 1/2 inch to glue it??? this one feels sturdy so far. could be stiffer i guess. kinda soft when wet, but if u use it "dry" it is stiffer. Good one: Gentle Bristle Back Brush poorly made one. bristles are decent, but ends up half as long with no grip: http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Therapeutics-F...ef=pd_sim_hpc_5
  3. I used to get severe acne on my scalp even when face was clear. I looked into natural and organic products. Once I switched it went away. I've tried 4 different natural ones until I found my favorite. With all of them my scalp stayed clear. Almost all major brands use harmful chemicals. I enjoy using Burt's Bees shampoo and conditioner. Grapefruit Sugar Beet is awesome and pretty cheap. Won't hurt to check it out. Burt's online
  4. i remember using prescribed BP. it worked, but I missed a day or stopped, I broke out. I chose not to rely on any drugs. Who wants to pay for and expose your body to drugs forever? I've been using mostly natural products and watching what I eat. after 10 years of acne I have it under control. Sure I slack off and eat junk, drink, and/or not keep up my routine... but the minor breakouts from doing that are nothing to what I suffered from using various drugs fro my skin.
  5. Oh finally found a good SPF15 for the summer when at the beach or outdoors. I don't burn with at least SPF8 others may want their SPF30. But my skin stayed clear using this. KINeSYS Performance Moisturizer
  6. Still loving these products Burt's Bees shampoo, conditioner, and lip balm. (the blemish stick seemed to make things worse.) Dr Bronners peppermint Cetaphil Gentle cleanser Lily's Aloe Gel for hair gel Olay face moisturizer Crystal deodorant Kiss My Face organic whitening toothpaste (apparently fluoride is evil?) 7th Gen detergent have slight breakouts once in awhile, but usually follow heavy drinking and/or lots of sugary junk food or just poor hygiene. When I stick to my routine and
  7. of the organic/natural shampoos i've tried, Burt's Bees grapefruit/beet sugar works the best and is the cheapest. going to try the conditioner when my other ones run out. my skin is doing very well. still some acne on my back, but the best that i can remember. chest looks a lot better. face is awesome. but acne sometimes around my jawbone corners. still love the Dr. Bronners pepermint soap. also found a natural laundry soap that works great and is cheap. http://www.vitacost.com/Seventh-Gener
  8. low GI works for me too. but I have a sweet tooth. being an optimist, my Acne helps me stay healthy. both with my hygiene and diet. It is hard to eat in our society healthy, let alone low GI. but think about all those suffering with diabetes. They have to do it. I would like to see some good ideas and substitutes. the evils out there are high fructose corn syrups and (partially) hydrogenated oils. i try to avoid them like the plague. I get Smart Balance peanut butter. no sugar added and has o
  9. when i did a study for Differin, the Derms specifically said NOT to use any salicylic because it would cancel the Differin. They provided Cetaphil Gentle and Cetaphil moisturizer for me to use with it. I cleared up fairly fast. though the moisturizer burned since Differin strips away skin. I'd rec. the Olay I use in my reg.
  10. use Cetaphil GENTLE cleanser. the facial has fragrance and is not as well, gentle.
  11. I'm 27 It will never stop. But I do have it under control. Our skin tells us something is wrong. I refuse to use drugs to treat acne. I try to get by without drugs fro anything actually. look at my regimen: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=189772&hl=
  12. (I am 27. acne on face, chest, and back since around 14) Thanks to everyone on here. I tried to make my routine as simple as possible. 1 so i actually do it, and 2 i refuse to use drugs the rest of my life just for my skin. 1st off, some may disagree, but i found this true for myself. SUGAR = BAD regardless we all know it is bad for your health. I have realized that eating a balanced diet, I stay clear. Candy binges, heavy alcohol, I breakout guaranteed. I am super healthy besides my skin. I ra
  13. I am interested in how exactly you cured your acne? Cure meaning whatever you did, you no longer have to do again. Please share. Personally so far the only thing that has cleared my skin is cutting out extra sugar. Even knowing this I still ate a ton of candy this weekend. And while continuing my regimine I broke out. I really want to know your cure though. thanks.
  14. well no luck at my CVS or Rite Aid. they had the dark eye circle and spider vein VitaK, but nothing for acne. Rite Aid had the old packaging of those two. I would like to see if others have success with this before I buy it on Amazon for $20. try this site http://www.americarx.com/products/33690.html they ad international shipping