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  1. Can i use benzaclin instead of the bp? Also will these products help my face feel more normal and not so oily? I hate the way my face looks and feels with moisturizer. I haven't found one I like yet. I used to use just clinique acne foam wash and 3 to 4 times a week clinique 7 day scrub and once in a great while a very very small amount of the clinique acne lotion with the 2.5 bp.....but all that quit working for after I had my second baby....but it made my skin feel normal....the moisturizer I
  2. So I'm considering ordering dans products but then I have to start the regimen all over and I'm so sensitive to everything....I think a lot of my acne problems is my iud so I'm getting it removed and going back on the pill. WI think that being said what is better high-end products or drug store.....I can tell a big difference between salon and store bought shampoo and condition so I'm wondering if skin care is the same?
  3. Thank you! do you think my products are ok?
  4. ok so i started the regimen a week ago using my own products. im starting to get clogged pores in places i dont normally break out in....im used to exfoliating every day with ether a scrub or acne pads so this 3 step is very different for me. my main problem areas are under my nose above the lip and my chin! my acne is not terrible but very consistent so by the time one goes away i get 1 or 2 more so im always left with red marks! so i geuss my question is should i add back in my acne pads for
  5. twiegmann89

    My log of acne.org

    I've had mild to moderate acne for as long as I can remember and have wasted so much money on kits and products to clear my skin. I started using the regimen 4 days ago morning and night with my own products. First aid beauty red clay cleanser Benzaclin prescription Cetaphil oil control moisturizer I follow the website on how to wash and treat and moisturizer Im so shocked with the results in 4 days I wish I would of tried this year's ago!!! Here's to hoping it stays clear and kee
  6. I've been using the cetaphil oil control moisturizer with spf 30 and I like it a lot! It absorbs fast and doesn't look shiny or feel greasy like I have with other moisturizers and it hasn't broken me out.
  7. Can i use an oil control moisturizer while on the regimen? Or do I need a regular one? I use the cetaphil oil control with spf. I just started acne.org regimen 5 days ago only I use benzaclin instead of 2.5%....my lotion now burns after i apply which I read was normal starting off on the regimen. My skin was pretty oily before it's starting to dry out. I just don't know much about moisturizers