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  1. What guy would tell a woman she's wearing too much makeup? That's weird. I've never been with a woman who caked it on but I know that, if I ever am with someone wearing a lot of makeup, I will not say anything. In fact, it might be kind of neat. I've been with women who never wore makeup and I've been with women who wore makeup occasionally. Once again... I never said anything other than mentioning how great they looked. It's part of basic civility to give people space to be themselves an
  2. Thanks! This is kind of embarrassing but I've only been on it for about three weeks and I've been clear most of those. I initially cleared almost completely in about five days so I thought I could back off on the BP. I backed off for a couple of days and I developed some blackheads but nothing severe. Then I went to once a day for three days and I could see I was reverting so I've stepped the quantity back up to the finger length twice a day as perscribed. One thing I do that a few other
  3. Several years ago, I dated a very special woman who was into ballroom dancing. I, of course, hated it but did it for her. Over a period of a couple of years, I actually started to enjoy it. That woman passed and I stopped dancing for a while but I've gone back on my own. It's been weird dancing on my own. There are more women than men so I'm in demand but I've never felt good about my skin. My acne wasn't terrible but it was far more than noticeable with the odd big blotch too. Tonight, I
  4. Girl, you're gorgeous. I would encourage you not to sell guys so short. To all of you ladies, please don't be so quick to think all guys will be turned off at the sleightest blemish. I dated a woman for several years who had mild to moderate acne. We split up because she is a psychopath, not because of her acne.
  5. My dermatologist is Dan Kern. If you have the ability to read and follow his procedure, you have an almost certain chance of becoming clear in a relatively short period of time. How many dermatologists can cite success on Dan's level? I've paid attention to the people having problems and they always deviate from the regimen. They say they're following it exactly and then they list reasons why they deviate. I don't follow it exactly, either. I mix the jojoba and BP and just slap it on in on
  6. It doesn't harden, but there is some firming. :D Seriously, it's not a problem. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about putting the vessel in the fridge for a week. I'm talking about a few hours with the lid on.
  7. This is a great page. http://healthbolt.net/2006/12/08/what-happ...coke-right-now/
  8. Great question. I'm curious to hear other people's answer. I drink a few vegetable smoothies and a few milk/yogurt based smoothies every day. So much so that I'm down to one meal. I try to make that meal as nutritionally potent as possible. The smoothies have all but eliminated my tendency to 'just grab something' once in a while. When I'm in a super hurry or am really hungry when I get home, I just pour a smoothie from the carafe I keep in the fridge.
  9. I'd like to second this suggestion. Dan's BP worked far better and way faster for me than anything I've ever tried.
  10. I picked up a bunch of Dan's BP and jojoba. I mix them together myself, the idea coming from this thread. I put a couple of drops of jojoba in the palm of my hand with a line of Dan's BP and then mix it by rubbing my palms together before applying it. It works great. If you look at cost, at $20/4 oz, that's $5/oz. Dan's BP is $8.50/8 oz, that's $1.06/oz. I was going to order this product but had trouble with the web site, sent an email, and then all shipments to Canada stopped. To be hone
  11. Here's a tip I may have shared several pages ago. I don't think so but I'm too lazy to look back. If you're making more than one smoothie a day, you can put the blender vessel in the fridge so you don't have to wash it. Also, you don't have to finish the morning smoothie if it's in the fridge. You can just add fresh stuff after work and blend it up with what's left of the morning stuff. This way, you only have to wash the vessel once a day. If I finish the smoothie, I rinse the vessel b
  12. I enjoy the fiber. It makes the drinks full bodied. It's what makes a smoothie a smoothie. :)
  13. Exercise will change your mindset and temporarily eliminate the cravings. Exercise is an amazing diet suppressant. Try going for a 20 minute walk. You'll feel great and I doubt you'll remember the food cravings for a while.