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  1. So... What exactly does it do?
  2. I know this sounds weird and really sort of funny; but I definitely got a little dumber after I was on Accutane. Im being totally serious.
  3. Its been forever since Ive posted on here, and its not like I was a well - known or anything, but I just wanted to say: Accutane has made my life so much better in so many ways. Its really quite surreal how horrible my acne was, and how nice my skin is now. Just stay strong. Accutane can really be hell, but stay strong. I would do my 5 month course 20 times over to achieve the results I have today. Its really both a harsh and amazing drug, but it did more than miracles for me. Just stick with
  4. Heres the problem, Ive tried squeezing it after a shower, and I ended up squeezing so hard I made my skin around the pimple REALLY red and I must have got off some of the top layer. It seems like squeezing isnt a solution.
  5. So Ive got this pimple beside my lip and its really annoying. Every night, it comes to a whitehead, and I squeeze it, and a tiny bit of pus comes out. Every morning I wake up and it has come to a head again and I squeeze it again, and a tiny bit of pus comes out again. Ive been putting this Differen stuff on it, but its proven ineffective. It hurts a little bit, and is really unsightly, does anyone know how I can get rid of this thing!? Thanks in advance.
  6. Im just smoking cigarettes and cigars. I do occasionally smoke marijuana about once every month or two. Im not addicted, I dont get cravings at all. My acne isnt inflamitory, it used to be, but now it isnt.
  7. Ive recently finished a course of Accutane and my acne has been downgraded to just little whiteheads I get here and there sometimes. HOWEVER. Ive recently started smoking socially and it seems like the days I DONT smoke I get more (whiteheads/clogged pores) the next day. Does this make any sense at all? I mean, youd think it would be bad for your skin. If anyone has any insight, Id love to hear it. Thanks
  8. Haha, hey. Its good to see another person into body mods!

  9. thanks for the comment, sorry it took so long to respond.

    so, how are you?

  10. Ive seen a lot of people saying 'NEVER GO ON ACCUTANE!' for various reasons from some recent random searches and let me tell you, Accutane undoubtedly saved my life. I have a very bad case obsessive compulsive dissorder and to me, my acne looked about 6000x than anyone else. It became so bad I couldnt function: I refused to go to school I refused to leave the house I became disconnected with family/friends I fell into an incredibly deep state of depression I attempted suicide All this, ver
  11. Well thats pretty early to be feeling side effects. Later on in my course I was constantly exhausted, it was pretty rought.
  12. I got piercings while I was on Accutane and they healed up nicely.
  13. This is what I had. Heres my take: Your acne is persistant, it doesnt go away with anything youve tried. Now you can wait to grow out of it, be conent with and just live with it, or it may get worse. Honestly my acne was REALLY persistant for years, and then it turned cystic, which was terrible. I really wish I would have straightened out my face with Accutane before I got the bigguns. I actually think you should try it, my acne didnt start out severe, but it grew into a liferuiner. You dont w