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  1. I use Mac studio fix liquid makeup but i guess it is breaking me out aswell..I use the mac concealer with it.It melts and gets off after a while..even MAC doesnt bring me a flawless coverage..so now iam thinking of trying CHANEL..anyone ?
  2. i washed it with very hot water and a drying soap.it started oozing out gross stuff and shrunk..the more i repeat this the more its shrinking..i apply erythro topical on top of it to prevent infection..helping.. RELIEVED.. thnx for the support..
  3. it is an inch long-half has 3 faces and the other half is just fluid filled,soft and without a face..its more than an inch long..the three faced part of it bleeds gross blood and pus at times,the balloon part is static,painful to touch though,.what kinda cyst or a nodule is that?ive had mild acne on cheeks and now this ? have never had this big before..anybody ?
  4. Ive noticed that the huge bumps on my chin ( i have acnes confined to my chin now the rest is mild and moderate occasionally) develop after i start getting clumped up white headed small pimples ( i dunno what theyre called) right under my mouth in the fold of the chin..everytime one heals,another grows untill the infection gets deeper and i get a cyst.they even itch.so this time around i experimented with trying to stop them there.i applied BP but to no avail.then i applied erythro topical,they
  5. i have very mild of this devil in the folds of my nose,it goes away on its own but last i put some yogurt on it and it went away pretty quick..i guess yeast cant grow in the presence of yogurt? also FONGITAR helps me with it..
  6. I use gram flour + dried orange peels + water as a natural scrub on my face except my chin which has bad acne (i dont exfoliate or anything there as it breaks out when i touch it)..the rest of my face glows with it..sometimes i only scrub smoothly with dried orange peels.you can make them at home by drying orange peels and then crushing them to powder in a blender or something..sometimes i even mix yogurt in gram flour to rub smoothly on my skin after washing if i run out of orange peels.its nat
  7. Many thanks for the info. but i was wondering what steroid hormones are? iam a female,does it effect my ability to have babies?ive been 'eating' antibiotics since many years..or any of my other organs?kidneys?liver? how much damage have i caused myself?
  8. ive noticedthat i breakout on my back when i use very hot water..anybody else?
  9. head and shoulders dry my hair like hell
  10. has anybody tried this..i have a horrible chin acne ive noticed if i apply it on my chin twice a week right when the zits start forming,it helps
  11. infact coz i was thinking that if antibiotics mess up your hormones they can aggravate your acnes,after you discontinue them..like if chocolates can cause acne for some,antibiotics might aswell effect hormones.anybody?
  12. Pears (green coloured one for oil control and it is non comodogenic..) monsterball doesnt acne aid dry your skin a lot?
  13. nay its like a pimple drops dead where it is when i apply bp to it directly..it doesnt come to a head?that shudnt do anything with the moisturizer maybe,the pimple stays as it is and doesnt disappear for a long time