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  1. To be honest with you I'm not sure how long you would have to take it to clear up, although my skin is getting better it is not 100% clear, I recently found out some of the chemical sensitivity, panic attacks and depression that my breakouts might not only be from a hormonal imbalance but also being sensitive to histamine rich foods. I took plan b last year on top of having anxiety and indirect anorexia and it did a number on my skin. The dong quai tea does seem to help alittle and it is often
  2. Try dong quai, licorice root, red clover and tons of water. Dong quai is often used to regulate periods. It boost your estrogen levels if they are too low but lowers them if they are too high. It also is easy to find at health food stores and also comes in tea form. Good luck! Hope this helps! I have struggled with indirect anorexia due to lots of anxiety! I am currently underweight but eating much more then I have in a long time. Also have you heard of the caveman regimen? I have tried it on a
  3. I took plan b twice last year, and am now experiencing the worst breakouts ever! I wasn't really getting cystic acne but tons of tiny white heads! I also developed an allergy to a face wash I was using and it made it wayy worse. I took saw palmetto for a few weeks and defiantly saw improvement, but like you I was afraid of messingn up my hormones even more! I can say that the saw palmetto made my ADD much worse, I was having much more trouble concentrating while on it. Is your skin better now? M
  4. I recently(with in the past month) started a modified caveman regime. I had a horrible breakout from all the products I was using on my face and was very disappointed in my lack of self control. I felt very unattractive, my skin is not 100% clear, but it's so much better then it was. Sense starting the caveman routine I noticed a build up of dry skin but I'm going to use your advice and opt for drinking water and a wash cloth occasionally. I recently changed my diet too less carbs and dairy, mor