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  1. omg i am almost acne free thanks to st ives aproct cleanser i love it so much almost clear
  2. i bought the st ives aprcot cleanser for oily/acne pronw skin i just but it two days ago i can really see an improvement i love it.... well lets see if it clears me.. so far i love it and its only like $4.00 thats cheep
  3. Borie deep cleaning pore strips are asome they really take the black heads out of ur nose try them
  4. my acnefree power pimple peel came today and i used it around 3 today and will use it again tonight well see if it works. o ya my face is getting pretty clear since using acnefree
  5. mine is still not here my face is looking tons better since acnefree
  6. the power pimple peel comes with a face mostiriser with sunblock in it
  7. they now have it at www.acnefree.com go to products and you order it... i ordered mine from drugstore.com and ordered it nov 28th and it still not here so i would say order it from the www.acnefree.com
  8. i got the severe system it was ok but i got the normal acnefree kit two days ago and like it alot better now im just waiting on my acnefree power pimple peel to get here to get red of the scars
  9. i wanted to buy it but wanna know if it works so tell me what u think when you use it