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  1. I agree that this forum does feed negativity into us. I come here to be connected with others who suffer from acne and acne scars, but after reading the posts sometimes, I feel even more depressed and awful. The truth is I have known quite a few people with acne and acne scarring and they have partners and seemingly fulfilling lives. Thank you for your post and for seeing the same things I see. I need to stop coming here for sure. I am in therapy (CBT and ACT) so I can have a fulfilling lif
  2. Hello jenguard82. Have you used CBT or ACT to change your thought process? I feel so hopeless sometimes. I have a job interview tomorrow and all I can think about is my scarring. It's such an awful way to live.
  3. ihateacne33 I really like your post. You have much wisdom for such a young person.
  4. Hello MissBiscuit, I just had to write that you seem like a really fun person. You have a great attitude and a great sense of humor. I am 44 years old and let me tell you that the scarring does get worse as you get older. That is one of the reasons that I feel getting work done on my scars is a waste, because it will just get bad again over time. I am also afraid of permanent side effects. I went to a mental health professional once and she was asking about my history and she just came
  5. I am hoping to find some kindred souls on here. I am a 44 year old man who has acne scarring. It gets much more visible when one gets older due to collagen loss. Anyway, I am currently in therapy to deal with my obsession with my skin. I want to know if there are other people who have firmly decided that they will not seek any type of cosmetic procedures to improve their scarring. I have read so many of people's experiences with treatments and results are very inconsistent. Procedures