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  1. Hey thanks for your reply. As a matter of fact, I am a senior at UT getting my degree in microbiology and that stuff actually makes sense to me. That was more of response than I could've hoped for. Thank you
  2. I have been using the regimen for about 2 years now. It's been working great, however, every now and then, I get a big zit or a few tiny small ones. I know that bacteria can gain resistance to antibiotics if you have taken them for a long time. Is this the same case for BP gel? Can some of the bacteria on your face actually be resistant to benzoyle peroxide? Any educated input is appreciated.
  3. well it's definately a red mark. But, don't you think after 8 months the appearance of a red mark should fade a little bit? That's not the case for this mark. I'm not sure how to classify this mark. It's not like other red marks that seem to sit beneath the surface of the skin. Im just gonna go to the derm and see what he says about it. Thanks for all your help!
  4. Maybe I'm a rare case, but I've had this pimple that originated New Years Day 2004. It went through its phase, but it never disappeared. It started out as a cyst and then it stayed that way for a while. After everything seemed to diminish, it just stayed in the same place 'till this day. What should I do? Has anyone every experieced an 8 month long pimple that is still lurking on the surface? Thanks for all your help!
  5. Usually daily use of any moisterizer will make your face oily. Do you use a moisterizer?
  6. Cetaphil gentle cleanser for normal to oily skin is the shit.
  7. just like dan says, pat dry. It's a simple as that. B)
  8. I agree. It really pisses me off when close-minded people, incuding derms, say that diet has absolutely nothing to do with acne. But, the thing that really gets me is that they say it with such conviction . They think that just because they read out of a textbook that diet has nothing to do with acne, that it must be absolutely true. I think everyone should know that people are different, which means that certain things cause the formation of acne. Some people aren't affected by diet, sun,
  9. I'm mario and I've had acne off and on for about 3 years now. Whenever I breakout or find out that there is a huge cyst starting to grow, I just try to ignore it and continue to live my life. I know thats hard to believe and do, but it truly is necessary. You just have to enjoy life and make the best of your short time on earth
  10. Tell that to my chin that is burning like a fraking oven right now!!!!!! My chin stings real bad,it's red and feel's like i've burnt it...i'm sorry but bp is fucking stupid as a cure for acne. It's sad how are day an age they can't find a REAL remedy for acne..pfff probally too busy researching shit that no twat cares about!
  11. Oh yeah and GuardedlyOptimistic, I respect your views and admire you as a human being. You of all people don't deserve this acne. Being the person you are, I think you will get through this whole acne phase, coming out of it a slightly changed person. This goes for all peeps out there who feel really down about there acne. I know what if feels like to say to myself, "Why ME!" But, the deep down truth about it is that just have to keep on trying to find that one single regimin that clears y
  12. Hey Ben Kweller, I like your music, but I hate your closed mindedness! You have to realize that there are other people out there with different views on eating meat. Some INDIVIDUALS believe that animals should have the basic right to live and not be shot by sporting hunters. Others believe that eating meat is just part of the food chain and it is necessary for a healthy lifestyle - These are two extreme ideasl. Just because you believe in somthing doesn't mean that is the "true" conviction.