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  1. Haven't tried any these yet, but thought soemone may be interested. http://www.sumlab.com/shop/home.asp?idx=1&rurl=
  2. Anyone used these before? I have seen some good results on clients that I give these facials to in the reduction of mild acne scars...as in red and/or purple spots etc.
  3. You're on it again? So it didn't work the first time? Oh it worked the first time. I order from a website, ran out and was out of town so I went without it for awhile. It was over the summer and my skin is at it's best then, so I thought all was ok for the time being. Once the weather changed and I started to break out badly I re-ordered it. I was under the impression that for the most part it was an alternative cure to Accutane, working after about three months...
  4. I started taking B5 over the summer with truly amazing results. However, my skin is always better in the summer. I did stop taking it for awhile, but recently started again. This stuff really is great, I love it. Within a few days my skin is much less red, much less oily. I am still on 10 grams a day, and will be for about 2-4 more weeks I am guessing. I had some bad cystic breakouts on my jawline wich are clearing up now and I have not had any new breakouts since starting on the B5 again. I ord