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  1. Thanks so much for your help guys!! I will definatley throw away my clinique stuff as I've never really been happy with it! I just hate buying foundations and I've been putting it off for long enough now! I looked up the laura mercier site and it says they sell it at David Jones Chatswood so im off there today! Very exited! / Thanks heaps! Julie
  2. Hi guys, I really need to buy a new foundation but i've decided to try something different as im not completely happy witht the clinique one im currently using (too runny and doesnt look natural!). I head good things about Chanel but then read some negative comments about it on this site....I did try it on in the store yesterday but my skin was already quite dry so it was hard to tell as i was all flaky from before... Read some really good things about Laura Mercier on here! I've just chec
  3. Hi guys, well i've had a huge break from this diary, I have so much work on at tafe (sorta like uni here in australia), i have been totally stressing out and had no time to surf the net. At the moment im using brevoxly 4% bp cream in the morning and stieva A 0.05 % at night....my derm told me not to exppleect result from the stieva A for atleast 4-6 months so im giving this a good long shot. Its only been 2 months now. My skin has improved though, not sure for which reasons, I have also been
  4. END OF WEEK 3 well its been 3 weeks since i started steiva a. Im now also using bp 2.5% in the morning. I havent noticed much change, still quite dry but i think that is mostly from starting the bp again. Im trying to eat really healthy too. I wonder if anyone in here have actually stopped eating suger completely, only natural foods, for a period of say 6 months, and still have acne? I definately think there is abit of a link there somwhere, although i dont think not eating suger would ge
  5. END OF WEEK 1 I've been trying to copy and paste what I wrote in my first diary entry in the prescriptions board as i realised it's probably better to keep my diary in here. Its not working but I will try again later. At the end of week one there is no change, just very dry and quite flaky on my chin and a little around my nose area. Everywhere else just feels tight. I had a really bad break-out just before I started the cream which is slowly getting better, but my skin is still pretty ba
  6. I started using the Clinique Anit Blemish Solutions Conclealer, I think it works quite well, the only thing is I think it smells really weird! After I finish with my make-up I walk around with this constant smell on my face.....anyone else found this or am I just strange??
  7. Hi, I was on Accutane for 6 months when i was 18 (im now 22). It was not a miracle cure for me, it did improve my skin, but not completely, and a couple of years later it did come back. Not was bad but now I would say its moderate (sometimes mild). So yes, it could come back. I did have an initial breakout...it lasted for a couple of months. It was pretty bad, but not severe. I did drink alchohol while taking Accutane, but im not going to encourage you to do it! For all I know my liver cou
  8. Reading all these stories are making me really really sad....infact I feel like crying for myself and for every other acne sufferer out there, for all we've lost, for all the times we've felt so LOW because of our acne, for all the horrible memories of what acne did to our teenage years, and often beyond. I started getting a few whiteheads in year 6, and of course everyone was telling me they were nothing, part of growing up....they were mostly on my forehead so I grew a fringe to hide them w
  9. Well I've bitten the bullet and after nearly 4 weeks religiously on the Acne Cure with no results, well the result so far is that my skin has gotten worse, im giving up and going on the tritinion on the advice of my derm. However Im not getting my hopes up as I've been dissappointed by pretty much everything I've tried in the past. Im one of those "tried everything with no luck" statistics....my list includes: 3 different types of antibiotics with no improvement, the contraceptive pill Diane
  10. If you're a girl you 1. Avoid sleeping at friends houses cause you dont want them to know what you look like in the morning with no make-up, let alone the rest of their family! 2. If getting home late at night you still cleans, wait, put on bp or whatever it is you're using...some even ice their face for 10 min....at 2am in the morning! 3. Organise your social life around your acne (me for example im not going to that party tomorrow night unless the big pimple on my cheek has died down and can
  11. Hi guys, I've been on the Acne Cure for over 3 weeks now, doing pretty much religiously....problem is I see no improvement what so ever! If anything its gotten worse. Now my dilemma is: I went to the derm yesterday who prescribed me Steiv A or whatever its called, the same as Retin A). Now I promised myself to stick it out with the Acne Cure for 6 weeks, but its not very encouraging when I see no improvement....my derm even said that 8% GA isnt much so I could probably use both...but woul
  12. Hi, i know you posted this a while ago and I dont know how you're going now, but just thought i should add that i went on diane and my skin got heaps worse....and it just kept getting worse for 1-2 months....my derm eventually told me to go off it because about 10% of people get worse from it. Hope you're all clear though! Julie.
  13. I do too. I use the Oily Skin Solution 8% GA for the Acne cure. I used to use only Neostra products, after my derm recommended them, but I didnt see a huge improvement.... Can I ask what country your in?